Every Woman Should Have This…A Contract with Yourself to Live Your Dream Life

My best friend seems to be on a roll! She gave me the brilliant gratitude journaling idea which I have started doing religiously. And then out of no where, she told me she had written a contract.

A Contract With Yourself

A Contract With Yourself

What the F***?

My first reaction was (mind my language, please!): What the F***?!

She then proceeded to tell me that she had created a contract for herself so she could hold herself accountable on living live on her terms.

Hold Yourself Accountable

When you agree to a new job, your employer has you sign an offer letter to ensure you adhere to the terms and do your job with integrity. Why can’t you bind yourself to living a life aligned with your highest truth?

It’s a way to ensure you live your life with integrity, honesty, and goodness. So I read my best friend’s contract and was bowled over. I had to write mine!

My Own Terms for My Life Contract

So here are the terms for my Life Contract.


  1. I will live a love driven life.
  2. I will honor and love myself first and foremost above everything else. I understand that by making my happiness a priority, I will be able to present the best version of my self to others, including loved ones.
  3. I deserve a good man and I am worthy of healthy, beautiful love.
  4. I will let go and surrender to where and how life takes me. 
  5. I will find power and peace in surrendering and letting go and will trust the process.
  6. People, places, or things cannot make me happy. Happiness can come only from within me.
  7. I am not perfect and neither is anyone else. I will hold myself and my loved ones to high expectations, but also understand life is a work in progress and I am always growing and learning.

What would you write in your contract to yourself? Please share with me in the comments!

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I am Healing My Fear of Men and Teaching Myself How to Have a Healthy Relationship

Dear Reader,

In this post, I’ll go into some detail about what happened to me to give me peace and a voice to myself.

Last year, I had an experience that made me terrified of men.  It was with a man I deeply loved and most of this year has been spent on healing from that experience.  I remember being kicked out with such hatred and anger and nonchalance.  It did something to my soul and heart and body and mind.  It broke me.  I fell apart.  In my entire life, I’ve never been treated in such a way.

Feminine Woman Facing Her Past to Find Her Truth

Feminine Woman Facing Her Past to Find Her Truth

Looking back, I do know that he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  I remember him making fun of me being Indian and screaming at me to tell my father to come and pick me up.  He told me several hateful things to me.  I remember telling him to be compassionate since I didn’t know where I had parked my car in the night.  He was adamant that I had to leave at that very moment and continued screaming “Get out.”  

He also told me our bond was one-sided with such hatred and apathy and that I should move on.  He showed no regard for my well-being and I remember his blue eyes fiery with rage.  I kept on crying and crying and I believe my body and soul and heart were shocked from what was happening to me.  But the truth is that I didn’t know what was exactly happening to me.

I knew this man for nearly ten years and had met him at work when I was 22 years old.  It was even more unsettling to me that someone I knew and was incredibly charming in all our other encounters was behaving this way to me that night.

It has taken so much time to process this experience with someone I thought I had known.  I became numb from this experience and shut myself down.  It was a survival mechanism that my mind and body did naturally to “survive.”  I have spent so much time exploring this experience in therapy and finally had the courage to mention it to two close friends of mine.

I realize now that this was a toxic relationship and I’ve gone through emotional abuse and although this experience has terrified me and I wasn’t able to properly open up to men, I am also very fortunate because this emotional abuse could have led to physical abuse if I decided to stay any longer.  What is most difficult is accepting that this side exists in this person when you feel you know them well.

I have forgiven him since then and he hasn’t given me any answers or an apology, however I have made peace with this fact.  I now know what I am worthy of and that I’m deserving of being in a loving, healthy relationship.  I have spent a lot of time reading books, doing therapy, working with coaches, and loving myself so I can understand and know what a healthy relationship is and even looks like.

It hasn’t been an easy journey, though one I am very proud of myself for undergoing with resilience, courage, truth, and emotional depth.

Lots of Love,

Priyanka Yadvendu

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Send Emails or Texts for Positive Energy and Prayers to Your Close Friends

I have a best friend who is in medical school. The journey that I started with myself this year, she too started.

Positive Energy Expands

Positive Energy Expands

Releasing All Fears

I am really proud of her for making beautiful progress in her career and personal life. She has been working on letting go of all sorts of fears that were in her and now I see her on a roll!

Lean On a Friend for Support

We both have been leaning on each other for support and guidance. Whether we just accomplished a milestone in our life or something even seemingly little like some cute guy asked us for our number, we dial each other up in a frenzy.

Other times, when we feel vulnerable, we share our feelings and talk it out. Have someone in your circle of friends, even if only one person, whom you can count on for unconditional support. Someone you know won’t judge you no matter what.

Send Out Emails or Texts for Gorgeous Energy

One of the best practices my best friend introduced me to was: Sending out emails or texts for prayers and good wishes. Whenever she has an exam in medical school, she sends out texts to her closest friends, asking us to pray and wish the best for her.

It’s such a beautiful way to connect to the gorgeous, sunny energy of your friends. People you know who have your back no matter what and only wish the very best.

Hold Each Other Accountable

Lastly, my best friend holds me accountable. Not so much for goals, but more like: Am I being true to myself? Am I working towards creating moments of happiness for myself? She literally asks me these questions! As soon as I get off the phone, I find myself filling with her brilliance and beauty.

How do you lean on your friends for support? How do you hold each other accountable? Please share with me in the comments.

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I Desire a Man Who Stands Up For Me and Values My Gentleness, Softness, and Emotional Depth

Dear Reader,

I’ve been thinking a lot about what qualities I desire in a man.  I’d like him to be physically and energetically masculine.  I’d like him to take the lead in our relationship and be a strong personality.  Even though he’ll have a strong personality, I’d like him to be expressive and able to be vulnerable and give me the space and time to be myself and understanding of the fact that I may do things and think differently than him.

Feminine Woman living and standing in her truth and honesty

Feminine Woman living and standing in her truth and honesty

I don’t expect him to be perfect and I know there will be flaws and clashes with different personalities.  The MOST IMPORTANT quality is that he values my gentleness, softness, and emotional depth.  Instead of seeing it as a weakness or something to take advantage of.  That he sees these qualities in me as something to cherish and love deeply in me.  Me being an emotional woman is a strength.  Not a weakness for him to prey on.

The past couple months of this year have been spent on forgiving the men I’ve dated who haven’t given me what I wanted and desired deeply.  Perhaps I hadn’t given them what they desired, too.  Initially, I felt so much anger and rage at previous lovers.  I felt deep sadness and anger at myself, too.  I couldn’t understand how I had gotten every part of my life right and together.  Except for my personal romantic life.

This wasn’t true though, of course.  Through all my healing work particularly around my sexuality, I realized the deeply entrenched beliefs I carried in my heart and soul and body.  My mother and grandmother and who knows how many generations in both sides of my family carry the belief of being unworthy of love.  I didn’t realize I carried this in my cells. 

Slowly and slowly, I am realizing that I too deserve to be in love with a wonderful man who loves me for who I am and takes care of me and most of all, values my qualities of gentleness and softness in a world that is filled with pretension and manipulation and cruelty.

I am bohemian and old-fashioned at the same time and am so accepting of all kinds of people from all walks of life.  My soft presence brings him a soothing, healing, beautiful, sensual energy.  I desire to be so loved and accepted by him that I’m able to drop my emotional distance and walls.

My deepest desire in my life is for a man to stand up for me.  For someone to hold my hand and tell the world that I belong to him.  I want him to have the courage to be a man in every sense and stand up for me and in return, I will be the most sensual, enchanting, devoted, loyal, loving woman to him forever.

Lots of Love,

Priyanka Yadvendu


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I am A Very Passionate & Seductive Woman Underneath my Reserved and Guarded Facade

Dear Reader,

It is difficult to open my heart.  Because I don’t trust anyone easily.  I feel guarded and reserved.  I know what I have to offer to a masculine man. 

My definition of a masculine man is not just someone physically masculine and assertive, it also includes a man in touch with his softness, vulnerability, and emotions.  To me, this is a real man.  A man who takes ownership and responsibility for his actions and decisions and especially mistakes and can see someone else’s point of view in addition to his.

A real man is someone who doesn’t rely on manipulation and games to achieve his aims because when he is truly connected to his manhood deeply, there is no need.  Everything speaks for itself.  His actions speak for itself.  A man with the highest level of standards, integrity, and character for himself and the woman he chooses to be with.

I have so much to offer to my sexy, loving Beloved.  I don’t jump into anything impulsively, especially a relationship.  I like to take my sweet time and if he is the right man for me, then he shall wait for me 🙂  I have that much confidence in myself and I believe the courtship and seduction must happen elegantly and slowly so the process is filled with deep pleasure, sensuality, and joy.  Something precious is always worth waiting for, yes? 😉

I am becoming my truth and embodying the divine feminine so I can set us both free in our divine sensual encounters.  There is fire inside me.  All it takes is one touch and one look to set my body on fire.  But I keep that fire reserved for only the man who is worthy of it.  Until he does not prove to me he is a true man in every sense, I will cultivate my sensual fire deep in my body and keep it warm and burning.  Once the flood gates of my heart and body open, it is because you will have deserved it and are worthy of my sexual energy, love, affection, and attention.  You will have touched the deepest corners of my soul.

I have spent the time honoring what could have been and processing my shame around my sexuality.  Now I am ready to learn the intricacies of seduction and my sexuality.  I am exploring what touch feels good on my body and the gaze of the eyes and the movement of the body all plays a unified role in seduction.  I am now ready to express my my sexuality.  Express my wild woman.  I want to express who I am deep inside that I’ve kept hidden since childhood.  I know I am a Sex and Sensual Goddess since childhood because this is my portal to connect to the Universe and the Divine.

My walls…my guarded and reserved nature is to test you.  To see how far you can rise to become the man you are meant to be.  To become your highest form.  It is to see how far you are willing to reach deep inside your soul to reflect true manhood, character, and courage.  To face your wounds and weaknesses with bravery.  Because I won’t settle for anything else.  

I desire to open my heart and body to the right masculine man and I’m preparing to become a sensual Goddess to surrender to you.  Because when that time comes, I will be prepared.  I will know it is right.  I will know that I am ready.  When I open my heart, I open everything to you.  My bliss, pain, wildness, rage, joy, love…everything.

Lots of Love,

Priyanka Yadvendu

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The Beauty of Surrendering to Your Silence

My day today has been particularly busy and chaotic. I started off the morning by hopping out of bed and jumbling down the stairs wearing my pajamas. (I recently started a new position which is work from home, hence why I started work in my pajamas…) Anyway, I had a meeting fixed at nine this morning. My stomach rumbled with hunger and nervousness.

Surrendering to Silence

Surrendering to Silence

I said what I had to say during the meeting and then checked my emails. Suddenly, I received several calls and I took care of them. For some reason, everything seemed to hurl at me once today.

Feeling Overwhelmed…

I felt disarmed with everything hurling towards me. I felt my energy become scattered and doubt creeping through my body. My mind was clouded with thoughts bristling about: What the heck are you doing? You don’t know anything! You’ll get through today. Just be patient.

Gosh, there were dozens of thoughts, both positive and negative, swirling in my head!

Well past after five this evening, I was still working. The clocked ticked 5:45 and finally I had sent out the last email.

Clearing My Head

I made dinner quietly and ate it. But I was still taken aback and disturbed. I had focused a great deal this year on self development and self love. I had gratitude journaled, said my affirmations, and meditated. Why was I still then feeling overwhelmed when everything came at me like a rocket? Was my self not strong enough? Did I need to do more healthy practices in addition to the ones I’m doing already?

Took a Deep and Nourishing Nap

I was pondering these questions, when my body just gave in. I had been working nonstop and making time for social and family commitments. My body was whispering (ever so loudly though!) to give me some attention and love. And so I fell asleep. I don’t remember what I dreamed about, but I do remember feeling immensely sweet, light, and free.

When I woke up, it was late evening. Clearly, I had overslept. I took a jog around my apartment complex. After the run, I just sat in silence on my couch. My roommate was not yet home, so I loosened my shoulders and let my energy soak my body.

I realized then the silence felt real and raw. I surrendered to the silence and closed my eyes. It was like my inner soul’s light was shining out and healing me. This is me. Right now. At this very moment. I felt beautiful. 

Silence Sharpens Our Clarity & Creates Deep Self-Awareness

My mind became so still that I was able to feel deeply. I became deeply aware that in that moment, a thought formed and became crystal clear. It was refreshing and beautiful.

My mind had been scrambling thinking about all that I had to do and feeling overwhelmed. But when I surrendered to silence, I tapped into my inner self and let it guide me gently. I felt reassured and happy by my own self, instead of something external. I was my own source of happiness and peace.

We are always caught up in doing or saying something. Always in action mode. Sometimes, the very thing our soul craves is for us to surrender to our silence, so we can revel in the beauty of our soul. All the answers to our questions lies in us.

Practice Silence

After this experience, I am going to allocate some time everyday to be still and surrender to silence, even for five minutes. I want to incorporate this into my daily practice. Whenever I feel frazzled, I have everything I need to feel healed and comfortable within myself.

How have you dealt with feeling overwhelmed and unbalanced? How does surrendering to silence make you feel? Please share with me in the comments.

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How do celebrities inspire characters in novels?

Novels inspire films to be made all the time. Have you seen The Hunger Games? Or P.S. I Love You? They were best-selling  novels before they were turned into films.

Celebrities Inspiring Novel Characters

A real man falls in love.

A real man falls in love.

But have you seen the other way around? In my novel, Enchanted Silence, Gerard Butler inspired the forty year old high school teacher Alan. I am a huge fan of Gerard Butler, I love watching his films. Though I will also be the first to admit not every film of his is great.

Masculinity is also about Emotional Depth

But one thing that shines through about him every time is his inherent charisma in every film and interview I watch. Yet despite being a huge Hollywood star, he possesses that larger than life persona, but also someone approachable, down to earth, and actually emotionally vulnerable. When I created Alan’s character, I wanted someone who would represent the epitome of masculinity like Gerard Butler. He has earthy brown hair and is over six feet tall like him, but there is a strong emotional, sensitive side you wouldn’t think otherwise.

Life’s Grayness is Inspiration

Whenever I have watched Gerard Butler’s interviews, when he speaks of his largely absent father who has now passed away, his eyes and face change. No matter where you go in life, certain emotions stay deep in you and don’t go away. I wanted that emotional depth in Alan as well. There is a reason, sometimes multiple, that motivates us to behave the way we do in real life. Not everything is black or white. Sometimes there is a whole lot of gray. And I wanted Alan to be that way.

How have you felt inspired in your life? Has any celebrity or novel character inspired you in any way? Please share in the comments.

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Balancing Self-Care and Creating a Nourishing Morning Routine

I am not a morning person at all.  I’ve been fortunate to hold jobs where my commute was quick and I could get more than eight hours of sleep and still wake up rather late.  Yet my day progressed in a hazy and scattered way.

Honoring Yourself through a Nourishing Morning Routine

Honoring Yourself through a Nourishing Morning Routine

After work, I squeeze in dinner, television, and an occasional gym workout. It is only recently I am realizing the sheer beauty and value of having a morning routine that not only wakes you up in a gentle way, but is nourishing to your body and soul.

Right now, I have the flexibility to work from my home.  It is incredibly wonderful and yet I am being lazy and going through my day unconsciously.

I decided to create a morning routine that feels supportive, feminine, and ultimately joyful.

My Simple Morning Routine

  • Drink a glass of water with lemon squeezed and a teaspoon of honey.
  • Do 15-minute yoga stretches and exercises.
  • Take a shower and get dressed.  Then, make a simple breakfast of scrambled eggs and veggies.

I wanted to keep my routine simple because I’m not a morning person and want to be motivated to do this on a daily basis.  It took some effort and practice to start my day earlier and get into the routine.  I have to say once I got into the groove, it’s becoming second nature.  My body is naturally waking up earlier and my body is calling me to become still and enjoy my own presence.  Sometimes, I’ll also meditate for 10-15 minutes lying in my bed.

Creating a Deep, Strong Self-Connection

I have other family members at home and I love my family, but I need my precious, sacred alone time to relish my own presence and simply be.  I’ve noticed that it’s helping me to get my mind centered and feel connected to my inner self.  It gives me the privacy and space to honor my emotions and feelings and allow what needs to be addressed and acknowledged to rise to the surface.

I’ve never been the person who can cry at the drop of a hat and nor do I cry openly, even in front of my family members or a partner.  As I’m growing older, I realize how uncomfortable I feel with expressing my own emotions, so this morning routine is letting me see myself as a passive, neutral observer.  

Some mornings, I will wake up and feel a tightness in my throat and a nervous energy throbbing in my stomach and chest area.  My morning routine will ease that, but the feeling won’t go away entirely.  I will go through my day (office, gym, etc.) extremely aware and conscious of this energy in my body.

It’s also allowing me to create a stronger connection to my intuition and when I meet people and encounter interesting situations, I find my intuition becoming laser sharp and active immediately.

Time for Reflection

This morning time also has created time to reflect on the day, week, or month.  I take this time to go over what I need to complete and look back on what I am grateful for and how I can re calibrate to make things smoother the next time around to fulfill my intention, project, or desire gracefully.

I also like pondering on the special learnings and wisdom I gained from the experiences I’m having and the projects I’m working on.  It’s not just ticking items off from a To-Do list.  I like to feel in my body how I’m feeling and give space for my emotions.  I honor my body, soul, and emotions. 

I like to connect to my deep feminine sexuality and intuition.  It’s a beautiful, freeing, sensual feeling.  I drink tea or wine, eat good, healthy food, and take the time to go deep within.  At this time, I turn to my journal to document my learnings and the wisdom my body and higher self offers me.

Moments of Peace & Flow Before a Day Filled with Activities

My days and weeks vary tremendously.  I never quite know how my day or week unfold.  For this reason, I like to include some sense of stability, order, and calmness to the sometimes chaotic nature of life.  I don’t have much choice on what occurs at times.  I DO have full control and choice on how I feel.  So I focus on feeling peaceful and centered so my day flows with much more ease.

Do you have a morning self-care routine?  How would you like your morning self-care routine to look and feel like?  Please let me know in the comments!  I’d love to hear from you.


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My Journey of Tapping Into My Inner Abundance

The last two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster ride.  I have been trying to figure out the next steps in a new writing project I took on.  I’ve been in and out of my house.  Frankly, it’s been mentally exhausting because of the sheer amount of decisions I’ve had to take.  Small decisions.  Big decisions.  Sigh, too many decisions!

Tap into Your Inner Abundance

Tap into Your Inner Abundance

As a result, I’ve been walking around with a tight, nervous sensation floating in my chest and stomach.  My head has hummed with headaches.  Admittedly, there has been a lot of tears and even some shouting.  For an emotional bottled up type of person like me, that’s a classic move 🙂

And finally, the realization is hitting me how much I’ve been striving and pushing the last couple weeks.  Trying to make things happen and meet goals.  Trying to reach some external form of validation.  To make myself feel better.  To feel productive.  To feel fulfilled.

After an Emotional Breakdown This Week…

So an emotional meltdown had to happen.  Some person became the target of my yelling, shouting, and tears.  I won’t say it was completely my fault, some mine and some the other person’s, but the point is that I transferred some of the frustration and pain building up in me to this person.

It was an extremely heated exchange.  I did some thinking and the next day, I apologized for my behavior.  But it led me thinking.  Why did I do that?  Why did I such an outburst?  What was going on in my inner world?

I was Striving for Fulfillment and Validation through External Situations and People

I was trying to fill myself up with love through these external ways, instead of tapping into my own inner well of abundance.  This is why I felt frustrated and filled with pain and tension.  I am human and allowed to feel this way at times, but the danger is when I get caught up in this endless cycle and trap.

So I stopped doing everything I was doing. I took a mini break in the middle of the week. I worked on bringing myself back to my inner world.

Here are some of the ways I started to tap into my inner abundance.  I hope this helps you too if you’re going through a similar situation or simply want to become more centered and present in your life.

Relish the Small Joys

When you get caught in the striving external trap, the easiest thing to do is overlook all the little things that bring you joy.

The last two weeks, I haven’t made time for meditation.  I haven’t listened to inspiring podcasts.  Instead, I’ve been glued to the television and running around trying to get stuff done.  I haven’t paid much attention to the foods I’ve been consuming either.

Make time to water the flowers or simply sit with a cup of tea relaxing on your sofa.  Drown yourself in a book.  Take the day off from work and simply be.  You will find these seemingly little moments will fill you up drop by drop.  You’ll find a strange sense of peace begin to stir in you.

Close Your Eyes and Play with Your Imagination

Close your eyes and think back to when you were a child.  Remember when you used to play house with your siblings.  Or come up with these games that now seem totally ridiculous and cute at the same time.  When I think back to some of the games I played with my brother and sister, a smile plays on my lips.

When you were a child, your imagination was incredibly vivid and active.  You placed no limitations on your ability to imagine and daydream.  Everything was possible!  As you grew older, you started to place self-imposed limitations and blocks on your ability to dream and imagine.

It’s not so much about your dreams coming true, while that is also important, it is how you may have completely stopped even dreaming.  You might think: Ah, what’s the point to even dream.  It’s not gonna come true.

When you were a child, you didn’t even care about the outcome or whether your dream would come true, you just dreamed.  So go back to this beautiful practice.  Think about all the possibilities and how you envision your life.  Give yourself permission to feel, smell, taste, see, and touch your desires.  You will feel lighter and this is the energy that will give birth to new creations in your life.

Lay Still and Relax Your Body Part by Part

Your mind may be stuck in the past or future, but your body is always rooted in the present.  If you want to truly know how you’re feeling, always turn to your body.  It is a very accurate reflection of what’s going on in your inner world and heart and soul.

When there’s too much going on and you want to pause so you can tap into your well of inner abundance and love, then lie down on a comfortable cushion, bed, or yoga mat.  I personally prefer yoga mats.  Concentrate on staying as present as possible and stretching each body part.  While moving and stretching each body part, feel the inherent energy vibrating in your body.

Observe how your body makes you feel.  Watch closely which parts of your body contain a light, fine, high energy and which parts contain a low and dense vibrating energy.  Feel any tension in your body.  Move through the emotions.

Write Down What You are Thankful for

This is obvious, yet we all tend to overlook this.  Make a list of what you are thankful for at this moment.  Or simply take in everything you feel grateful for through your gaze and heart.  Look around and see what is surrounding you.  Feel the abundance and love within you.

Your perspective will shift and you will find that freshness will imbibe your work and days.

Observe Your Body in Your Private Space

Have you ever stared at your own eyes in the mirror?  What did your eyes say to you?  What was your soul speaking out to you?  This is a beautiful practice to give love to yourself and accept yourself the way you are, flaws and everything.

You can observe your whole body in a full length mirror.  See what you see.  Feel yourself and your energy.  Smile and watch how your face looks when smiling.  If you want to take this self-love practice even further and create a better relationship with your body, you can strip your clothes and gently observe your body.  What do you like about your body?  What do you not like so much about your body?  Can you still find some space in you to love every part of you, even your flaws and the parts you don’t like so much?

Become Present through a Fun Activity

Your life is not what you are going through.  It’s not some situation or problem you are trying to resolve.  Your life is every breathe you take.  It’s how you go through your days and stay in your being.  You stay in your being when you are present and grounded in the now.

Turn off the television and your phone.  Become centered through a fun activity that will allow you to explore your creativity and imagination.  Something that will be messy and a real, authentic expression of your inner self.  Painting is one way.  You can write a poem.  Bake a cake where you forget the time.  Go for a walk and watch the leaves rustling.  This activity can be anything you desire, as long as you are more rooted in the present and can feel yourself lighten.

Set an Intention to Stay Present and Centered

Lastly, sometimes all it takes to break this cycle of external seeking and striving is to set a clear intention.  Make it simple for yourself.

At the start of the day, set an intention that you want to follow the rest of the day.  It can be to be as present and centered as possible.  It can be to show more love for yourself.  It can be to show up fully for your desires.

As you go through your day, think of your intention and take actions that align with it.  Make sure you’re in a high fine state of energetic vibration that allows you to go through your day.

When your day wraps up, before going to sleep, make a note of all the special things that may have happened to you.  Acknowledge how you felt throughout your day.  Did you feel more alive and lighter?  Did you feel gratitude and love? What did you manifest?  Feel proud of yourself.

Then, the next morning, set another intention.  Living consciously and tapping into your inner abundance is about being truthful and loving moment by moment.

What are some of the ways you strive for more fulfillment, love, and validation through external ways? How can you tap into your inner abundance to instead fill yourself up with love instead of looking at external situations or results? Please share with me in the comments.

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Use Gratitude Journaling to Maintain Positive Vibes During a Process of Transformation

Gratitude Journaling Flowers

Gratitude Journaling Flowers

Hello there! Welcome to my official website! I cannot tell you how inspired and excited I am to be going on this enchanting journey with you.

The last couple months of my life have been a series of moments of beautiful chaos. I have really gotten to know myself. I have taken the time to do inner work. I can feel the shift happening in my life. I can feel I am transforming. But this didn’t happen instantly.

In case you haven’t read my About Priyanka, my life had gone through many changes in the past couple years. The turning point was when my father had a stroke. A sea of changes then came rushing into our lives. It took some time to deal with the aftermath, but after the end of every experience, I vividly remember thinking to myself:

How do I change my life? When will I be happy? When will things start heading in the right direction?

I can’t recall the exact moment, but something clicked inside me. I realized that whatever the experience – personal, professional, or romantic – I wasn’t happy even if I changed the person or job. Things still remained the same. My heart whispered to me: Gosh, maybe it had to do with me. Maybe I was searching in the wrong place all this time.

So, earlier this year, I made the life-changing decision to work on myself.

To go on an inner journey. I was going to head on face my fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs. And after I faced them, I was going to kick them out of my life.

I did many things to clear out my inner crap and replace it with my inner beauty and goodness, but one practice I did consistently was gratitude journaling. Gratitude journaling is the simple act of writing down things for which one is grateful. When I started, I had no idea that I would come to love it.

Gratitude Journaling Notebook

Gratitude Journaling Notebook

Let Your Journaling Be Moved by Your Feelings

I let my energy and feelings flow naturally like the river. I didn’t force myself to feel grateful or motivated. I waited until I felt serene and connected to my inner self. There is no perfect time to journal, but during the night is the best time for me. I slipped into bed, played some soft music, and closed my eyes. I thought about my day. Once I was relaxed, I jotted down the things I’m grateful for. The more I gratitude journaled, the more my lists became longer and I felt happier.

It’s not that my days had drastically changed. I was more aware about people and things in my life that I truly appreciated. I now made the conscious decision to be happy and grateful.

Get Up Close & Personal

I strove to be as honest and personal as possible. I didn’t leave anything out, even something that seemed so simple. I jotted down things like: I feel thankful for him holding my hand. Or I am thankful for my mother cooking my favorite dish. Even something like: I feel thankful to have gone through my weekly meeting at work smoothly. After I realized how these simple acts made me happy, I made an effort to do the same for my loved ones and friends.

Pay Attention to Surprising Moments
I paid close attention to any unexpected moments or events that occurred. However big or small, I recorded them in my gratitude journal. Uncertainty and unexpectedness is a part of life. Being a Taurean, I like to be in control and am a bit resistant to change. But now, instead of resisting change, I go with the flow and allow life to surprise me.

Life has its own mysterious and surprising workings. I’ve learned to become thankful for these unexpected moments even when I cannot understand them at the time. I take a deep breath and let life move me. The more I’m grateful, the more open and receiving I am of life’s beauty and miracles.

I would love to hear about your thoughts on this post. Are you in the middle of a transformation? What are some of the things you are grateful for in your life now? Please share with me in the comments below.

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