“I had several one or two time dates with women in the past.  A friend whom I knew at the time recommended Coach Priyanka who needed experience in her career; so I took a chance to be her first male client.

At first, I felt awkward to consider her as my coach as she is a new kind of teacher for me in learning about dating outside of my family, movies/TV, and social media.  While I am in a different religion from Priyanka, she still introduced me to seeing that everything and anything has spiritual energy which I later understood.  I then grew to feel and perceive that she has the same peer energy to help me in this stage of my life.

From my first one-on-one session, I learned of my emotional wound of abandonment that my inner child was holding onto and my fears and hopes of dating women.  He needed to be open hearted and mature to be more masculine around women on dates.

I also had no idea of the deep relationship that I was looking forward to with my life partner.  Halfway there, I learned about the feminine and masculine energies that showed me who I was and now need to be to receive romantic love.

Priyanka recommended dating books that I read, holding space for me to revisit childhood experiences and feelings of being loved and cared for by my parents growing up at home.  Those added to learning how to be more grounded and centered with women on dates and later have a deep connection in our lives.  The later sessions with Priyanka opened my aged heart to myself and become more courageous in dating women.

By the final sessions, her coaching seemed to unlock my inner energy to receive more dates with women and apply the skills that I’ve learned from her home play practices.  Priyanka also has a lot of knowledge on the spiritual and energetic aspects of money that also allowed me to land a well deserved job that I currently added to my resume.  Priyanka also has learned from me on how to become a wiser coach to future male clients.”

— Private Love Coaching Client


“Throughout my childhood and development, money was not something that was discussed in my family.  I never experienced love or respect for money and personally struggled with negative emotions associated with scarcity of it.  I eventually adopted a belief that being humble, not asking for money, and not spending it was how I was going to live.

The greatest and most significant results I got from working with Priyanka was tactfully exploring my beliefs surrounding money, many of which originated in childhood.  I gained an awareness that I don’t think would have been possible without Priyanka’s guidance and compassion.

Now, I know it is possible to receive a raise at work, start my own business, be a homeowner, have beautiful things and experiences, and to truly feel financially abundant!

The type of person who would benefit the most from working with Priyanka is one who is ready to become financially abundant and is willing to go on a journey of self discovery in order to do so.” 

— Private Money Coaching Client


“Before working with Priyanka in this workshop, I was in the process of self-discovery and ultimately wanting to work on myself to feel like I was deserving of true love.  I felt like true love was something very distant and to some degree unattainable for me.  I felt broken and scared of intimacy although it was and is something I truly crave and want for myself.  During our journey, I have shared my truth and came to accept it, although it wasn’t necessarily easy.

I have put in work towards self-discovery and self-love.  I have journaled about my ideal dates and I am so grateful I did because they have become my reality.  I also learned that there truly is a connection between money and love.  I have learned new concepts regarding money that tie in with self love and for this, I am thankful.

The best thing about working with Priyanka is an experience I am so grateful I welcomed into my life.  Priyanka delves into the self-work herself and always strives be a part of the unfolding of your personal development.  She too is growing and learning throughout the weeks and she successfully communicates that with you which makes it a very rhythmic and collaborative experience.

I highly recommend Priyanka if you’re eager to break down blockages you feel you may have in the areas of love and/or money.  If you are in a position where you want to be honest with yourself about your past and are yearning to work on yourself to experience a life more beautiful than you could imagine, I recommend working with Priyanka.”

— Invite and Receive Romantic Love & Money Workshop Participant  


“Before the workshop, I was consistently worried and uneasy about meeting and staying with the man of my dreams.  When it comes to money, I have never worried about it.  However, thinking of having a fulfilling relationship has been the biggest challenge for me.  I think that I was my own biggest enemy.

During the five-week workshop, I have been able to figure out why my nightmare situations happened to me.  Deep down in me, I don’t know either on a conscious level or unconscious level, I always feared that my man would cheat on me or choose another woman over me.  Whenever I met a guy that I really loved and was into, that situation that I feared the most was my reality.  Priyanka guided me to think of a new storyline that is for me.  She told me that I am the one who can change my love reality by thinking of only positive outcomes.

The best thing working with Priyanka was the virtual meditation via FaceTime.  As that was the only one-on-one session with her, I really loved the guided visualization.  It was a very intimate experience.  I was able to focus on my visualization and feelings that I had from the visualization.

I highly recommend Priyanka if you’re consistently worried about certain things in life like relationships and money (even though I didn’t have money issues, but some of the exercises that she did with the group seemed to be very reasonable).  Her guidance will be very helpful to visualize more abundance and positive outcomes.  Most of all, she is such a lovely sweet warm person, so whatever emotional support you need, she will be there for you.”

— Invite and Receive Romantic Love & Money Workshop Participant


Lots of Love,

Priyanka Yadvendu