Become Wildly Intimate With Your Soul to Create the Life of Your Dreams
in Romantic Love and Money

Priyanka Yadvendu is an Intimacy & Dating Coach. She believes that every woman deserves love, happiness, and financial abundance.

She offers you a safe space to learn about your feminine power, soft energy, sexuality, and seduction to express your feminine magnetism and own your darkness and shadows to become magnetic to love and money. Her teachings integrate everything she has learned from her therapy, healing, coaching, and creativity and balances it with spirituality, psychology, and sexuality.

Through courses, workshops, books, and mentoring, Priyanka teaches you how to empower yourself so you can receive all your answers from your own soul. Connect with Priyanka Yadvendu on InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest.


Receive personalized guidance and 1:1 support from Priyanka to release what is holding you back, open your heart and intuition, and awaken your sexuality to call in the romantic relationship of your dreams

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Journaling Course

A soulful 7-day self-journaling course to help you become more connected to your feminine magnetism and make your manifesting powers stronger to become magnetic to romantic love and money

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Love & Money Course

A powerful 6 week journey that teaches you how to receive the romantic love and money of your dreams easily and gracefully by connecting to your feminine powers of sensuality and intuition
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