How to Invite More Money and Magic Into Your Life + My Personal Learnings

Happy New Year!  I wanted to start this year with an inspiring post and hope in my humble way you can invite more money and magic into your life in 2016.

Money is a tremendous source of growth, learning, and expansion. Your relationship to money is what determines how much you have and the fulfillment you feel.

One of the biggest things I learned over the past two years that has aided my transformation and growth process is to look at money with a deep new sense of playfulness, lightness, and lots of love.

Let Magic and Miracles Drop into Your Life

Let Magic and Miracles Drop into Your Life

But I wasn’t always this way.  If you were like me, you grew up with specific beliefs surrounding money.  My parents had a lack conscious and as a result, I grew up with fear attached to my money beliefs.

I also feel this has to do with being raised Indian.  I have noticed in my community that though we are very successful professionally and financially, there is still a lack attitude prevalent. As if there isn’t enough food or money to go around for everyone.  Due to this conditioning, I’ve consciously done work around shifting this mindset and embracing a more prosperous one.

Since starting this journey around transforming my attitude around money, I have noticed more money and greater opportunities flow my way.  I feel thankful and blessed for them and this has definitely given me a fresh perspective on having desires and possessing large amounts of money.  Having said that, I am 29 years old now and spent the majority of life in deep seated lack beliefs, so I am a work in progress and am taking the time to practice these beautiful learnings daily.

Have a Playful, Light Attitude and Mindset with Money

Often times, people look at their bank accounts and money with fear and dread.  They become nervous just opening their bank account online or going to the bank.

I was one of those people.  And why wouldn’t I?  We are constantly taught there is not enough not only by our families and communities, but by the world at large.

+ Do this: If you have cash in your wallet, open it and look at the cash bills.  Touch and feel it with love and appreciation.  Or pull up your bank account online and feel deep gratitude for all that money is doing for you (regardless of the amount).  This may sound strange to you at first, but it will help you to shift the energy and get the ball rolling on getting over your money fears.

Remember money is ultimately energy and just like anything in life, the more attention, care, and love, you give to something, the more it will blossom.

Express thanks when you pay your Internet or electricity bill.  Acknowledge all that money is doing for you.  When you think about it, there is already an abundant supply of money in your life, you just have to become conscious of it.

Create Space and Simplify

If you want something beautiful and majestic to enter your life, you must make space for it.  This is true for a meaningful relationship, career, or anything.  But how do you make space?

Look at your bills and the flow of money with a fresh set of eyes.  Really look at where the money is going and coming.  Understand the flow.  If there are things you are spending money (aka energy) on that are not necessary, then you can do away with it.

+ Do this: Simplify your financial affairs and expend energy where you feel the most love and excitement.  

Allow a New Energy to Rise Up

This is tied to creating space.   Fresh opportunities and abundance want to come your way, but you might be holding onto thoughts, beliefs, people, and things that no longer serve any good for you. So how will new opportunities come your way?  You must clear space in your life so they can drop into your life.

But you may be confused on how and where to create space in your life. One way to do this is to pay close attention to your energy and the energy surrounding you. Do you notice your energy shifting around something or someone? This feeling might unsettle you and make you feel deeply uncomfortable. Don’t push these feelings away, instead soak yourself in the feeling. Feel comfortable in feeling the discomfort.

When I feel this way, I usually feel less inspired and enthusiastic. Now that I have greater understanding, I realize this is because some new events are unfolding in my life. Something new is about to drop into my life. I practice being grounded in the present and try to not let my fear-driven ego and mind get in the way.

+ Do this: It will feel like things are falling apart in your life. Let it. Practice sacred surrender. Get in the habit of practicing being a compassionate detached observer of your own mind and life.

When you let the energy shift and you don’t force yourself to become motivated to do something, you will notice how life is guiding you moment by moment toward what is for your highest good, including new money and opportunities to drop in.

Send Notes to the Universe

I learned this enchanting practice from Vienda Marie. I follow her work and read her wisdom-filled posts daily.

+ Do this: Write notes daily (or whenever your heart desires) to the Universe.  State what you desire, am thankful for in your life, and what your desire would look like if it is existed in the current present reality.

It felt awkward to do this at first, but slowly I got the hang of it, and fell in love with the practice. I often sent these notes (via email) right before I fell asleep while listening to some calming meditation music or some kind of prayer music. Tears fell and I could literally feel the love and gratitude in my heart as if my desires manifested that very moment.

Yes, my desires have actualized, but it was more than that and never in the way I expected. More importantly, it put me in the space of deep gratitude so I could receive my desire and miracle from the Universe with an open heart.

The truth is that there is no past or future.  Time is an illusion as only the present moment exists.  Your desire calls you because it already exists somewhere in the time continuum already and it is calling you for a specific reason(s).  The manifestation of your desires require turning inwards and taking you on a journey that helps you to grow and expand in ways you never imagined.

Here is more information on exactly how to write these notes:

Take Action from a State of Love & Abundance

When you want more money and magic to enter your life, you will typically get into action mode.  We are conditioned to create a to-do list and get started immediately. All my life I have been such a doer that I have rarely shown myself compassion nor paid attention to my energy and feelings at the moment. This is the way we are taught at work and school.  You are taught there is a start line and you race forward frantically to reach the finish line.

When you are accustomed to this type of action-driven frenzy, you will feel impatient and nervous.  This means you are not taking action from a place of love, but instead from a place of inner fear.

We don’t realize that although taking concrete action is important to actualize desires, the process is way more effective and filled with ease and flow, if you first work on your energy.

Because when you align your energy with that of your desire, you will take the right inspired actions and let the process unfold in its own magical way it is meant to.

+ Do this:  Get yourself in the right space of mind and being by raising your energetic vibration to a higher level.  You can do this by taking deep breaths to relax the body and mind and going back to basics (creativity, writing, painting, journaling, meditation, etc.) that bring you to a deep loving inner space. 

Once you have connected to that point of stillness, take actions towards actualizing your desire.  And then let go any attachment to the outcome and surrender it to the Universe. Watch the magic unfold!

Write and Say Affirmations

I have a bank of handy affirmations I turn to for moving into a space of love and stillness.  I feel that affirmations are misunderstood.  Most people, including myself at one time, feel that by saying affirmations over and over, your external world changes dramatically.  The purpose of affirmations is to change you from the inside out.  It is about drawing attention to your energetic vibration and your feelings and beliefs so you can change the belief systems you are holding in your subconscious.

An affirmation I have been saying recently a lot and that I write twenty-five times every couple days is:

I happily receive large sums of money.

I have learned a lot about the practice of affirmations to change your subconscious from Marilyn Jenett whose book I recently purchased to dive deeper into my wealth consciousness.

Here is the link to her book if you are interested in learning more:

+ Do this: You may feel some resistance initially as this is challenging your belief system, but keep writing it because you want to clear your lack beliefs and have them replaced by beliefs that are supportive to you.  As you write them more, you will notice subtle changes in your thought patterns.  Over time, these subtle shifts will turn into radical changes.

Tend to Your Bank of Inner Guidance & Intuition

Have you been afraid to open up your bank account?  Or does your body start to buzz with nervousness as you make a trip to the bank?  Realize this does not have to be the case.  You might be thinking, well, that is all nice and wonderful for you to say, but it is not reality.  You might feel you need a million bucks in your bank account to feel comfortable with money.

Here is what Jim Carrey said: “I hope everybody could get rich and famous and have everything they ever dreamed of, so they will know that it’s not the answer.”  True abundance lies within you and you must first access that precious connection within yourself because that is the key to feeling peaceful and happy.  It means letting go of a unhealthy attachment to circumstances, people, and things and instead letting yourself play with a childlike wonder in this physical world.

+ Do this: Send love to your bank accounts.  Sign your checks with lots of love.  Start to see abundance in your life. Notice friends in happy, loving relationships. Give thanks for the loving friends and family in your life.  Be grateful for the job you have even if it is not your ideal position.

By acknowledging the beauty in your life at the present moment, you will be sending a powerful magnetic vibration to the Universe that will start to drop in opportunities and people into your life that align with your new high vibration. 

True abundance is a state of being and you will find this will allow you to sharpen your intuition which is fundamental in helping you to take the right actions towards your desires.

Consider Working with a Coach or Professional to Shift Your Mindset

Two years ago, I realized that I had to seek outside help to shift my mindset.  I wasn’t sure what I was doing and this required dropping my ego to get the help I needed to live the life I wanted.  I knew I could not turn to my family or friends no matter how much I loved them because truthfully I saw the same patterns of fear and lack being played out in them.

My soulful journey started with getting the Feel Free to Prosper program with renowned prosperity teacher and mentor Marilyn Jenett.  I did her program religiously and I noticed tremendous shifts in my mindset that ultimately resulted in more money and opportunities dropping into my life.

I am grateful for this, but I am more thankful that it created a long-lasting shift in my belief system that has allowed me to receive abundance openly.  I realized I had to get of my own way. 

Do this: There are many wonderful coaches and professional in the world.  Do a quick search online and find the right one for yourself to aid you in your transformation journey.

Here are some links to amazing coaches and teachers if you would like to work with one:

Marilyn Jenett:

Connie Chapman:

Vienda Maria:

Jia Ni Teo:

What are your beliefs surrounding money?  How do you invite more money and abundance into your life? What practice can you take on board from what I have shared?  Please share with me in the comments!

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My Sexual Work is Supporting Me to Create Passive Income Streams to Embrace Marriage & Motherhood

Dear Reader,

In all my posts I speak about navigating my sexual transformation journey.  Something else this journey has created is my creativity is blossoming greatly.  I feel ideas and visions float into my mind when I’m sleeping, showering, bathing, or being still.  I am learning to cultivate my sexual energy and not release it immediately and let it stay in my body so I can relish it and nourish it and hold space for this life force sexual energy in my body.

When I hold the energy, my womanhood blossoms and my feminine energy becomes stronger.  I become like a magnet who can draw to her what she desires with much, much, much, much more ease and flow.  Rather than hustling or “working hard” for what I desire, I do the energetic work first and then take the right actions and allow it to flow to me the way the river flows naturally and abundantly.  Life is much easier when I flow.

In this way, my creative energy flows the way my sexual energy flows 🙂  I am seeing how money and sex are connected and since my self-worth is increasing, I also feel more worthy to receive money in healthy, loving, and easeful ways.  I am working on creating passive income streams by creating a digital course based on my workshop that was successful last year.

I am in the creation stage of this digital course and I am putting all my love, sensuality, and energy into this course.  It is exciting and I feel filled with joy and happiness when I work on my digital course.  I feel that my creative gifts are worth receiving money for and the money I receive from this digital course I shall save for my future.

I am giving myself the beautiful gift of freedom, space, and joy by creating passive income streams.  I have an idea for a book I’d like to write, though that will be next year.  There is no rush 🙂  Everything unfolds in its own time naturally and magically.  I am willing to trust the divine timing. 

I am also doing this to prepare for the next phase of my life which is a life with my Beloved.  Our beautiful life together where marriage and children occur and I’d like to focus on him so he can show up fully for his desires and dreams and be the leader in our relationship and life together.

With Love,



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Taking Responsibility for Having Vibrant Health and Loving My Body and All It Does For Me

Dear Reader,

Until this year, I’ve taken for granted how much my body does for me and how much of a true blessing it is to enjoy vibrant, great health and enjoying a beautiful body.  Going through my sexual awakening and personal journey, I am starting to love the body I have and all it does for me.  I look at every part of my body with awe.  I am listening to her closely.  Listening to the messages she provides me.

It is also this year that the simplest of tasks take great energy for me.  It is the result of work, sadness, and other factors in my life.  When I have to make dinner, I have to push myself off the sofa or bed I’m lying on.  Or even to go to the restroom.  I don’t have interest to go about my daily life.  And this feeling scares me.  I’ve had major meltdowns and mood swings.  I also just feel really scared.  Scared of talking to someone or opening my heart or trusting someone.

I know that life is very precious.  It is very beautiful.  I’m working on feeling happy again.  Feeling these positive feelings again in my life.  I also came to the realization that the corporate world is not for me.  I’d like to transition into a role that will allow me to fully rest my body and do the things I love in my life and focus on enjoying vibrant health.

I read the book Adore Your Cycle by Claire Baker and fell in love with it.  It teaches you how there are four seasons to a woman’s menstruation cycle: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.  I found the book to be captivating and it truly opened my eyes to the role my cycle plays in my everyday life, emotions, energy levels, moods, and hormones.  I can actually accurately predict my mood swings and when I will feel more sensitive.  I highly recommend you to the read this book, dear Reader. 

It will bring a new level of love and awareness to your self-care routine and lifestyle.  You will know when you have more energy and when you need to deeply rest and harness this beautiful information to your creativity, sexuality, and day-to-day normal life.

I am also giving close attention to the foods I eat and consume on a daily basis.  I eat more greens, veggies, and fruits.  I drink more soy milk and green juice.  I eat sourdough bread because it apparently breaks down in our body system and digests more easily.  I used to feel nauseated in the mornings when I woke up and would have to immediately jump out of bed and put something in my mouth.  I felt like I was going to faint if I didn’t eat something.  I felt this between meals, too.  It worried me because I ate food and didn’t understand why this was happening.

Until I observed my body and did research.  I did a juice cleanse for three days and noticed how with only drinking juices and liquid soups, I didn’t have that nauseated feeling at all.  It amazed me.  Then, I realized I wasn’t eating enough fiber and this created that feeling in me.  I immediately started to eat more fresh fruit instead of fruit juice and more green veggies in every meal.  I also drink a lot of fresh green juices I make myself or buy from an organics juice shop.

The one thing that I’m working on and need to greatly improve is to exercise much more and move my body.  I feel lazy and lethargic and it’s something I’d like to do for pleasure and vibrant health.  Dance may become my form of exercise and I’m looking into various dance studios because I’d love to dance.  I’d love to dance well.  Most of all, I’d love to dance from my heart and soul.  With passion and energy.

Lots of Love,

Priyanka Yadvendu


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