Deep Self-Inquiry on Connecting to My Wildly Intimate Woman: 7. Romance

When you think of romance, you think of romance in a relationship or partnership or dating.  You think of how a man treats you and lavishes you with attention, affection, warmth, and his time is what romance is about.  The flowers, candle lit dinners, vacations together, etc.

Romance is about Loving Yourself Deeply, Intimately, Sexily, and Sensually

Romance is about Loving Yourself Deeply, Intimately, Sexily, and Sensually

Yet romance is more than that.  It definitely encompasses all this, yet more than that.  It’s about being in this state of feeling and embodying it daily in your day to day life.  It’s a way of life and how you treat yourself.

Often, how you romance and love yourself is directly correlated to how you feel and how a man or partner and others treat and feel about you. 

Pillar 7 is all about romance and it’s what I focused on recently.  I literally romanced myself for a week or two and let myself soak in the energy of romance.  Being a Taurean, I’m naturally very romantic.

I showered myself with a lot of attention and warmth.  I got myself my favorite roses, cooked myself delicious meals, played with my humor and lightness of spirit, danced, self-pleasured, slept, relaxed, and more.

I got myself new dresses for the new year and dressed nicely and sexily for no reason really, only to shine in my skin comfortably.  In the mornings, I adorned myself with jewelry.  At home in the evenings, I wore lacy dresses and spent time with myself.  I even walked around naked or with very little clothing on because I really love my body.  I never thought I would say that, yet this is now the truth.

I looked at myself in the mirror and was able to find beauty and sexiness within myself.  It’s not that I found myself perfect.  Rather, that I found perfection in my flaws and imperfections.  I found acceptance.

Romancing myself also allowed me to connect to my inner well of deep abundance and richness.  Yes, richness.  That’s the right word.  I felt rich during this divine process of romancing myself.  By rich, I don’t mean materialistically.  I felt rich like feeling fulfilled and filled up with love and sensuality and pleasure.

I came to the realization that this deep abundance and feeling of richness ultimately reflects in other areas of my life – like money, love, sex, pleasure, career, well-being.

When I completed this pillar, I sat down in my apartment and journaled to the following questions.

DO:  How can you feel more romance starting now?  What can you do to romance yourself beautifully, sexily, and sensually?  How did you feel when you romanced yourself?  Did it bring up a bundle of emotions?  How can you incorporate this into your life more?

Another huge realization I had was that romance is the act of loving myself and someone else deeply, intimately, sensually, and sexily.  It is about creating a luscious, divine atmosphere where I am showered with attention, affection, pleasure, warmth, and time.

The process felt very effortless because I was just being me.  I felt I was filling myself with a deep sea and ocean of love and pleasure and sexual energy.  I found myself lovely, delightful, sexy, hot, and a Goddess 😉

I had this deep feeling of surrender, love excitement, mystery, and intrigue for my own life and self.  It did bring up a bundle of emotions at times and I felt vulnerable because I wasn’t used to treating myself this special and beautifully. 

I have a much greater sense of self-worth now and this pillar was eye-opening because it was now in motion and in practice of being a high value woman.  I smiled for no reason throughout this pillar and truly romance is both simplicity and grand acts and gestures of love and affection.

I made a pact to myself that I can incorporate more romance into my life by doing these romantic, sweet things for myself daily everyday.  I can create and carve out time for my schedule.  Perhaps have a day each week devoted to romancing myself.

The next pillar is Intuition and I’m excited about writing about this for the next post.  For now, have a beautiful week ahead 🙂

The tools and practices I used to embody my intention and focus on Pillar 7 Romance:

The Mind (mental intelligence):  Observing my thoughts and belief system on romancing myself and how much romance I felt worthy and deserving of.  I also reflected on how romance fits into an intimate partnership and relationship.

The Body (instinctual intelligence/body wisdom):  I learned to feel romance and love deep in my body and feeling so wildly intimate with myself that I felt this richness, intrigue, and mystery for my own self and life.  I also slept, napped, self-pleasured, ate joyfully, danced and more.  Romancing myself felt wild, breezy, easy, loving, gentle, and sexy all combined.

The Heart (emotional intelligence):  Journaling about the questions earlier I mentioned.

The Soul (higher self/spirit):  Understanding what my higher self wants to lead and teach me.  This week, I learned romancing oneself is mandatory in order to feel fulfilled and filled up and how it reflects in an intimate partnership and relationship.  I also noticed the connection of romance to receiving and transmitting.

Lots of Love,



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Taking Responsibility for Having Vibrant Health and Loving My Body and All It Does For Me

Dear Reader,

Until this year, I’ve taken for granted how much my body does for me and how much of a true blessing it is to enjoy vibrant, great health and enjoying a beautiful body.  Going through my sexual awakening and personal journey, I am starting to love the body I have and all it does for me.  I look at every part of my body with awe.  I am listening to her closely.  Listening to the messages she provides me.

It is also this year that the simplest of tasks take great energy for me.  It is the result of work, sadness, and other factors in my life.  When I have to make dinner, I have to push myself off the sofa or bed I’m lying on.  Or even to go to the restroom.  I don’t have interest to go about my daily life.  And this feeling scares me.  I’ve had major meltdowns and mood swings.  I also just feel really scared.  Scared of talking to someone or opening my heart or trusting someone.

I know that life is very precious.  It is very beautiful.  I’m working on feeling happy again.  Feeling these positive feelings again in my life.  I also came to the realization that the corporate world is not for me.  I’d like to transition into a role that will allow me to fully rest my body and do the things I love in my life and focus on enjoying vibrant health.

I read the book Adore Your Cycle by Claire Baker and fell in love with it.  It teaches you how there are four seasons to a woman’s menstruation cycle: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.  I found the book to be captivating and it truly opened my eyes to the role my cycle plays in my everyday life, emotions, energy levels, moods, and hormones.  I can actually accurately predict my mood swings and when I will feel more sensitive.  I highly recommend you to the read this book, dear Reader. 

It will bring a new level of love and awareness to your self-care routine and lifestyle.  You will know when you have more energy and when you need to deeply rest and harness this beautiful information to your creativity, sexuality, and day-to-day normal life.

I am also giving close attention to the foods I eat and consume on a daily basis.  I eat more greens, veggies, and fruits.  I drink more soy milk and green juice.  I eat sourdough bread because it apparently breaks down in our body system and digests more easily.  I used to feel nauseated in the mornings when I woke up and would have to immediately jump out of bed and put something in my mouth.  I felt like I was going to faint if I didn’t eat something.  I felt this between meals, too.  It worried me because I ate food and didn’t understand why this was happening.

Until I observed my body and did research.  I did a juice cleanse for three days and noticed how with only drinking juices and liquid soups, I didn’t have that nauseated feeling at all.  It amazed me.  Then, I realized I wasn’t eating enough fiber and this created that feeling in me.  I immediately started to eat more fresh fruit instead of fruit juice and more green veggies in every meal.  I also drink a lot of fresh green juices I make myself or buy from an organics juice shop.

The one thing that I’m working on and need to greatly improve is to exercise much more and move my body.  I feel lazy and lethargic and it’s something I’d like to do for pleasure and vibrant health.  Dance may become my form of exercise and I’m looking into various dance studios because I’d love to dance.  I’d love to dance well.  Most of all, I’d love to dance from my heart and soul.  With passion and energy.

Lots of Love,

Priyanka Yadvendu


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My Sexual Work is Supporting Me to Create Passive Income Streams to Embrace Marriage & Motherhood

Dear Reader,

In all my posts I speak about navigating my sexual transformation journey.  Something else this journey has created is my creativity is blossoming greatly.  I feel ideas and visions float into my mind when I’m sleeping, showering, bathing, or being still.  I am learning to cultivate my sexual energy and not release it immediately and let it stay in my body so I can relish it and nourish it and hold space for this life force sexual energy in my body.

When I hold the energy, my womanhood blossoms and my feminine energy becomes stronger.  I become like a magnet who can draw to her what she desires with much, much, much, much more ease and flow.  Rather than hustling or “working hard” for what I desire, I do the energetic work first and then take the right actions and allow it to flow to me the way the river flows naturally and abundantly.  Life is much easier when I flow.

In this way, my creative energy flows the way my sexual energy flows 🙂  I am seeing how money and sex are connected and since my self-worth is increasing, I also feel more worthy to receive money in healthy, loving, and easeful ways.  I am working on creating passive income streams by creating a digital course based on my workshop that was successful last year.

I am in the creation stage of this digital course and I am putting all my love, sensuality, and energy into this course.  It is exciting and I feel filled with joy and happiness when I work on my digital course.  I feel that my creative gifts are worth receiving money for and the money I receive from this digital course I shall save for my future.

I am giving myself the beautiful gift of freedom, space, and joy by creating passive income streams.  I have an idea for a book I’d like to write, though that will be next year.  There is no rush 🙂  Everything unfolds in its own time naturally and magically.  I am willing to trust the divine timing. 

I am also doing this to prepare for the next phase of my life which is a life with my Beloved.  Our beautiful life together where marriage and children occur and I’d like to focus on him so he can show up fully for his desires and dreams and be the leader in our relationship and life together.

With Love,



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