Taking Responsibility for Having Vibrant Health and Loving My Body and All It Does For Me

Dear Reader,

Until this year, I’ve taken for granted how much my body does for me and how much of a true blessing it is to enjoy vibrant, great health and enjoying a beautiful body.  Going through my sexual awakening and personal journey, I am starting to love the body I have and all it does for me.  I look at every part of my body with awe.  I am listening to her closely.  Listening to the messages she provides me.

It is also this year that the simplest of tasks take great energy for me.  It is the result of work, sadness, and other factors in my life.  When I have to make dinner, I have to push myself off the sofa or bed I’m lying on.  Or even to go to the restroom.  I don’t have interest to go about my daily life.  And this feeling scares me.  I’ve had major meltdowns and mood swings.  I also just feel really scared.  Scared of talking to someone or opening my heart or trusting someone.

I know that life is very precious.  It is very beautiful.  I’m working on feeling happy again.  Feeling these positive feelings again in my life.  I also came to the realization that the corporate world is not for me.  I’d like to transition into a role that will allow me to fully rest my body and do the things I love in my life and focus on enjoying vibrant health.

I read the book Adore Your Cycle by Claire Baker and fell in love with it.  It teaches you how there are four seasons to a woman’s menstruation cycle: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.  I found the book to be captivating and it truly opened my eyes to the role my cycle plays in my everyday life, emotions, energy levels, moods, and hormones.  I can actually accurately predict my mood swings and when I will feel more sensitive.  I highly recommend you to the read this book, dear Reader. 

It will bring a new level of love and awareness to your self-care routine and lifestyle.  You will know when you have more energy and when you need to deeply rest and harness this beautiful information to your creativity, sexuality, and day-to-day normal life.

I am also giving close attention to the foods I eat and consume on a daily basis.  I eat more greens, veggies, and fruits.  I drink more soy milk and green juice.  I eat sourdough bread because it apparently breaks down in our body system and digests more easily.  I used to feel nauseated in the mornings when I woke up and would have to immediately jump out of bed and put something in my mouth.  I felt like I was going to faint if I didn’t eat something.  I felt this between meals, too.  It worried me because I ate food and didn’t understand why this was happening.

Until I observed my body and did research.  I did a juice cleanse for three days and noticed how with only drinking juices and liquid soups, I didn’t have that nauseated feeling at all.  It amazed me.  Then, I realized I wasn’t eating enough fiber and this created that feeling in me.  I immediately started to eat more fresh fruit instead of fruit juice and more green veggies in every meal.  I also drink a lot of fresh green juices I make myself or buy from an organics juice shop.

The one thing that I’m working on and need to greatly improve is to exercise much more and move my body.  I feel lazy and lethargic and it’s something I’d like to do for pleasure and vibrant health.  Dance may become my form of exercise and I’m looking into various dance studios because I’d love to dance.  I’d love to dance well.  Most of all, I’d love to dance from my heart and soul.  With passion and energy.

Lots of Love,

Priyanka Yadvendu


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Balancing Self-Care and Creating a Nourishing Morning Routine

I am not a morning person at all.  I’ve been fortunate to hold jobs where my commute was quick and I could get more than eight hours of sleep and still wake up rather late.  Yet my day progressed in a hazy and scattered way.

Honoring Yourself through a Nourishing Morning Routine

Honoring Yourself through a Nourishing Morning Routine

After work, I squeeze in dinner, television, and an occasional gym workout. It is only recently I am realizing the sheer beauty and value of having a morning routine that not only wakes you up in a gentle way, but is nourishing to your body and soul.

Right now, I have the flexibility to work from my home.  It is incredibly wonderful and yet I am being lazy and going through my day unconsciously.

I decided to create a morning routine that feels supportive, feminine, and ultimately joyful.

My Simple Morning Routine

  • Drink a glass of water with lemon squeezed and a teaspoon of honey.
  • Do 15-minute yoga stretches and exercises.
  • Take a shower and get dressed.  Then, make a simple breakfast of scrambled eggs and veggies.

I wanted to keep my routine simple because I’m not a morning person and want to be motivated to do this on a daily basis.  It took some effort and practice to start my day earlier and get into the routine.  I have to say once I got into the groove, it’s becoming second nature.  My body is naturally waking up earlier and my body is calling me to become still and enjoy my own presence.  Sometimes, I’ll also meditate for 10-15 minutes lying in my bed.

Creating a Deep, Strong Self-Connection

I have other family members at home and I love my family, but I need my precious, sacred alone time to relish my own presence and simply be.  I’ve noticed that it’s helping me to get my mind centered and feel connected to my inner self.  It gives me the privacy and space to honor my emotions and feelings and allow what needs to be addressed and acknowledged to rise to the surface.

I’ve never been the person who can cry at the drop of a hat and nor do I cry openly, even in front of my family members or a partner.  As I’m growing older, I realize how uncomfortable I feel with expressing my own emotions, so this morning routine is letting me see myself as a passive, neutral observer.  

Some mornings, I will wake up and feel a tightness in my throat and a nervous energy throbbing in my stomach and chest area.  My morning routine will ease that, but the feeling won’t go away entirely.  I will go through my day (office, gym, etc.) extremely aware and conscious of this energy in my body.

It’s also allowing me to create a stronger connection to my intuition and when I meet people and encounter interesting situations, I find my intuition becoming laser sharp and active immediately.

Time for Reflection

This morning time also has created time to reflect on the day, week, or month.  I take this time to go over what I need to complete and look back on what I am grateful for and how I can re calibrate to make things smoother the next time around to fulfill my intention, project, or desire gracefully.

I also like pondering on the special learnings and wisdom I gained from the experiences I’m having and the projects I’m working on.  It’s not just ticking items off from a To-Do list.  I like to feel in my body how I’m feeling and give space for my emotions.  I honor my body, soul, and emotions. 

I like to connect to my deep feminine sexuality and intuition.  It’s a beautiful, freeing, sensual feeling.  I drink tea or wine, eat good, healthy food, and take the time to go deep within.  At this time, I turn to my journal to document my learnings and the wisdom my body and higher self offers me.

Moments of Peace & Flow Before a Day Filled with Activities

My days and weeks vary tremendously.  I never quite know how my day or week unfold.  For this reason, I like to include some sense of stability, order, and calmness to the sometimes chaotic nature of life.  I don’t have much choice on what occurs at times.  I DO have full control and choice on how I feel.  So I focus on feeling peaceful and centered so my day flows with much more ease.

Do you have a morning self-care routine?  How would you like your morning self-care routine to look and feel like?  Please let me know in the comments!  I’d love to hear from you.


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7 Beautiful Nuggets of Wisdom I Gained during My Mexico Vacation!

I just came from a trip to Mexico. It was a much needed break and I was happy to get away for 2 weeks. An intention I had set for myself this year was to travel to a foreign country. It was amazing how this trip fell into place perfectly!

It happened 2 weeks before I left for Mexico. One of my close friends informed me that a girl wasn’t able to go through with this vacation/volunteer program to Mexico. She encouraged me to submit my application and though I wasn’t sure if I would be accepted, I thought why not give it a chance?

Nuggets of Wisdom I Gained while Traveling

Nuggets of Wisdom I Gained while Traveling

Long Story Short: I was Accepted into the Program!

My close friend and I had been planning to travel for years and this Mexico trip was going to be the one the Universe had decided! I booked my airfare and packed my luggage to head to Mexico.

I am feeling refreshed and recharged and I want to share the nuggets of wisdom I gained from this trip:

Listen to Your Discomfort

I went with a group of four other individuals to Mexico, each chosen from a different country. We traveled, dined, and partied together. In a span of 2 weeks, we visited 6 Mexican cities.

I was definitely thrown off balance at times. The heat, hunger, or simply moving at such a fast pace took its toll on me. I felt tired faster. Also, traveling with complete strangers except for my close friend was exciting but nerve wracking. I felt my belly and chest burn with nervousness and fear.

Going on a vacation has a strong positive connotation and rightly so. But the truth is traveling brings up uncomfortable emotions as well. Remember these uncomfortable emotions are messages for you. It is up to you to listen to them and feel them thoroughly.

I literally talked myself through this uncomfortable emotions and moments. I even let the tears fall sometimes. I didn’t judge myself for feeling this way. Traveling is fun, but for a shy and introverted person like me, it was also difficult to deal with a foreign environment and constantly be surrounded by people.

Get in Touch with Your Body

The schedule was jam-packed with fun activities. I woke up around seven each morning, had a light breakfast, and then headed off to a whirlwind day filled with sightseeing, touring, dining, and partying. It was super fun! I visited museums, art exhibitions, sports arenas, wineries, pool parties, the list is endless. I dined at restaurants and had delicious meals. (My mouth still waters at the memories of the food….)

I am truly grateful for the Mexican people and their generosity in taking us to all these places. They took every tiny need of ours into consideration and made us feel as comfortable as possible.

However, with such a busy schedule and being with groups of people about 18 hours a day, I had little time for myself. I found myself dragging my body throughout the day to the different activities planned.

I realized it was because I needed to be in touch with my body. I needed alone time to relish in my inner presence, so I could be more present throughout the day. Luckily, I had taken my computer, so I incorporated a simple morning routine before I left my host family’s home for the day. I did simple meditations to calm myself and clear my mind.

Remember when you are traveling that your morning routine does not need to be elaborate. Keep it simple since you’re on vacation. Close your eyes and do a body scan. Don’t rush this process and pay close attention to how each part of your body feels – hips, arms, hands, legs, thighs, face, neck, feet, stomach, etc.

Ask yourself how you’re feeling and show love to each part. This will allow you to fall into a deeper connection with yourself and you will feel more supported as you go through your days while traveling.

Be Direct and Kind in Your Expression

Boy, this trip activated all sorts of triggers in me! I realized I don’t function to my optimal if I don’t take the time to drop into a deep inner space before surrounding myself with people. I become cranky and irritated more easily.

Indeed this happened during the trip. I found my inner balance knocked over several times. This also speaks of everyone else in the group, too. Traveling together means we spent most of our time together. We became close and a deep level of intimacy was established. This is one of the beauties of traveling with strangers. Somewhere in the trip, deep friendships and bonds were formed.

However, it also meant we saw all the sides of each other. Kind of like living together with your partner or spouse! You see everything! Not just the good stuff!

I learned that when my needs or desires weren’t being met, I became more withdrawn. I became passive-aggressive. I found myself festering with anger or worry at times. I experienced this even with my close friend and truthfully, it troubled me. I didn’t want to feel this way towards anyone and not especially towards my close friend.

I learned that I needed to be more direct in my expression. I learned to speak openly and freely, but with immense kindness when something bugged me. I didn’t need to be indirect or passive aggressive. I’m not perfect in any way and I’m sure my quirks must have gotten over the others’ heads, too and I learned to own up to my flaws as well.

Take the Time to Slow Down

There is a mystical and fantasy quality to traveling. I literally felt like I was in a fantasy world at times. The days moved by so quickly. Before I could fathom, I was in a new city, adjusting to a new environment and group of people.

It is important to especially take the time to slow down during a vacation. Think about this for a moment. Though I believe that your normal life must be filled with lots of space and freedom, too, the truth is you go on a vacation to relax and slow down.

And sometimes traveling ends up being more chaotic and exhausting. Then, what is the point of vacationing? Make sure you take the time to slow down. It could mean doing a meditative body scan in your hotel room or enjoying a cup of tea at a cafe while gazing at the lush scenery outside.

Strike a Balance

I remember going to restaurants or sightseeing when I wanted nothing more than to revel in my solitude. I didn’t want to open my mouth and talk to anyone. It wasn’t that my company wasn’t enjoyable. My company was perfect and always gracious.

It is just that as a person I enjoy my space as much as socializing. Even at home with my family, I go to my room to enjoy time with myself.

Strike a beautiful balance on your travels. Allocate large chunks of time where you spend it in solitude reading a book or sipping on a glass of wine. This way, when you do spend time with your family, friends, and strangers on vacation, you will be more present.

Nourish Yourself with Good Food and Rest

I didn’t get enough sleep in Mexico. There were nights spent partying, drinking, and swimming merrily. I didn’t get the opportunity to sleep in the next day due to the jam packed schedule. For my next vacation, I would incorporate the time to sleep in more.

From a food perspective, I ate tacos, enchiladas, ravishing desserts, and seafood delicacies. I didn’t have any boundaries when it came to food being the foodie that I am! At one of the houses I stayed at, the host family whipped up fabulous healthy green smoothies! It was a welcome change from the other rich food I was consuming.

Keep yourself nourished by eating full, healthy meals, sleeping eight hours every night, drinking lots of water, enjoying fresh air, etc. You will feel more supported and physically vibrant. This will cause you to naturally feel calmer and peaceful.

Let Go, Party, and Enjoy!

Finally, immerse yourself in the culture or country you find yourself traveling in. Talk to the locals and observe the city, roads, shops, and inhabitants. You will find that ultimately they are no different from you.

I had lots of conversations in Mexico and learned some useful expressions of Spanish. I connected deeply with many and friendships were formed. I danced, swam, and let myself go at pool parties or other events. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I laughed with tears in my eyes.

There is a beauty to immersing yourself in an unfamiliar culture. Have insightful conversations. Make jokes. Laugh. Dance. Party. Eat. Drink. Let go! Have the time of your life!

How do you feel when you vacation? Do you feel discomfort at times? Do you feel nourished during your travels? Please share with me in the comments!

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Live On Your Own Once During Your 20s!

When I graduated from college, I moved straight back home. It was to put it mildly…an interesting experience….

I love my parents and family, but it was definitely an adjustment to move back home after living on my own during college. During college, I had lived in the dorms and shared an apartment.

Living On Your Own!

Living On Your Own!

Living On My Own Terms

I got used to having my own space and doing things on my own time table. I didn’t have those things at home. It didn’t help either that I didn’t have a driver’s license until I turned 23.

Now the pluses? I got home made meals. My laundry was done. My room was clean. I enjoyed the loving and supporting company of my parents.

I Was Desiring to Live on My Own Again…

The bubble to live on my own soon desired in my heart again. I made a conscious decision to move out of my family home when I turned 25. My parents weren’t thrilled with the decision.

In fact, they never once openly expressed their opinion. Whenever I discussed moving out, they continued to focus their eyes on the television and behave as if they hadn’t heard me at all! It was like I was invisible!

I get it. If they hadn’t heard, how could they give their agreement, right? 🙂

Anyway, I finally found an apartment and wonderful rooomie to share the place with. I’m still living with her and now it’s been 4 years at this amazing apartment.

I want to share some reasons on why you should definitely considering living on your own at least once during your 20s! It’s definitely helped me to grow up and been overall just a beautiful experience.

You Become More Responsible

Living on my own has made me more aware of my responsibilities. I don’t have my parents to clean the place or do my laundry anymore. Things I took for granted like paying for utilities and rent are now my responsibilities.

Betters Your Relationship with Your Parents & Family

Because I realized the things I took for granted while living at home, I developed a new found respect for my parents. Also, having space now, it bettered my relationship with them. Whenever we spent time with each other, we valued the time immensely.

You Explore and Experience

Being in your twenties is a great way to explore what you want from life and even what you don’t want… I definitely took the time to party and go out. After a while, when the partying lifestyle got boring, I explored other things like going to the city to check out an art museum or trying a new wine. Or painting.

It’s a great time to experiment when you’re living on your own.

Can Stay Out Late or Not!

One of the most enticing things about living on your own is to do everything at your own time table. You are not accountable to anyone about how late you stayed or where you’re going. Ironically and amusingly, I actually now make the decision to not go out or come home early. I enjoy staying in!

Date Freely

It’s a lot easier to date and bring someone home! You don’t have to think about whose going to be there. Personally, I could also spend more time with my guy because I had my own time table.

Learn About Yourself

Just like living with someone shows you their good and not so great sides, I feel it’s the same for ourselves. I learned a lot about what I truly wanted from my life and came face to face with confronting emotions. I learned to be more comfortable being myself as well.

You Become More Independent

I learned to depend on myself and become self-sufficient. It’s easily one of the most important life skills I learned living on my own!

Comfortable Doings By Yourself

Another beautiful thing that came out of this whole thing? I feel comfortable being myself and being with myself. There have been several times I’ve watched a movie by myself. Or I went to grab a meal on a Friday or Saturday night with only moi as company. Why? Because I enjoy my own company.

What is your biggest takeaway from this post? Please share with me in the comments!

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Self-Care is Not a One-Time Deal, It’s An Everyday Practice for Your Well-Being

Do you take care of yourself everyday? Probably not. You’re busy and don’t always have the time. From my own experience, there were times when I really took care of myself.

Practice Self-Care Daily

Practice Self-Care Daily

I made myself that smoothie. I exercised daily. I meditated. I spent time with my loved ones. I slept early. I read novels. I had a drink with myself as my own company.

But then I Stopped…

I got busy, so my self-care routine fell away. I didn’t pay as much attention to myself. It started off taking out these key things from my schedule so I could fit more time working and running errands.

And before I knew it, my self-care routine had disappeared altogether.

Self-Care is Not a One-Time Deal

I became cranky and exhausted. I caught a cold. My body was responding to my over-working and not taking care of myself.

That is when I realized that doing things for myself was not a one-time thing. It was an everyday practice!

Do you forget to brush your teeth every morning? Do you shower? Do you forget to eat your meals? Chances are you don’t.

You must remember to pay close attention to your needs and desires every single day. It doesn’t even have to take away too much time from your schedule.

Drink a cup of soothing tea. Do a 5- minute meditation. Write in your journal before going to sleep. Listen to some soulful music in the morning before heading to work.

What is your biggest takeaway from this post? Please share with me in the comments!

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The Value of Doing a 10 Minute Meditation Daily

Recently, I have developed the habit to do a simple 10 minute guided meditation in the morning or before going to sleep. I mostly do them before going to sleep (in my bed ha!). I must say I sleep pretty deeply every time. On Fridays, when I don’t work, I do the meditation on my yoga mat in the morning.

Numerous Benefits of Meditation

Numerous Benefits of Meditation

I Feel Renewed and Fresh

Meditation started out to be very uncomfortable for me. I’m a go getter and my mind works lightning fast. Thoughts come and go so fast. I felt I didn’t have time to sit still and furthermore, still my mind.

After meditating daily, I actually felt the opposite. I felt rejuvenated. When I still my mind, I feel more connected to myself and in turn more grounded.

My Mind Is Clear

I could be having a great day or not, but when I meditate, my mind becomes much more clearer. My fears seem to vanish. Maybe not completely every time, but I do feel this sense of clarity. I do find that I am able to clear away the clutter and chaotic thoughts and find moments of peace and happiness in me.

Fear is Replaced with Love

My fears, doubts, and anxieties are replaced with love and faith. I begin to trust and let go more. I go with the flow.

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What are your thoughts on this post? Please share with me in the comments.

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How and Why to Sponsor a Child – My Personal Experience

Sponsoring a child may be one of the most meaningful decisions you make. But how do you start? And why do you even do it? Where should you sponsor a child? A bunch of questions will cross your mind. It certainly did for me.

My Sponsored Child: Bappa

My Sponsored Child: Bappa


Why should you sponsor a child? That’s a question you definitely want to ask yourself. The primary reason I chose to do it is because I wanted to make a difference, but I didn’t have too much time as a college student to physically go out and volunteer somewhere.

Here are a few reasons:

  • Opens your eyes to what children in poverty-stricken countries are going through
  • Makes you compassionate and count your blessings in your life
  • Brings educational, health, physical, emotional, and mental benefits to child and even extends to family and community
  • Cool thing to tell and show people!

In 2006, I decided to sponsor a child through Children International. I chose a beautiful, bright, young boy named Bappa in India. Here’s his photo. Isn’t he beautiful? 🙂

It’s been well over six years already, but every time I get a letter from him, it brings a smile to my face. Over time, I’ve developed a personal relationship with him though I’ve never met him. For example: he often writes to me about how he loves school and playing cricket. He often mentions his desire to be a doctor when he grows up.

How to Pick the Right Organization

I took some time to find the right organization to sponsor a child through. Though I discovered this by accidentally arriving on the Children International website, I didn’t select this organization immediately. I took a week or so to research different ones on the Internet. I looked at the benefits offered to the children.

By nature, I am a cautious person and I tend not to do something for the sake of it.

  • How much does it cost monthly? It’s okay to do something that is economically feasible for you.
  • What benefits does the organization offer to the child and his community? Determine educational and healthcare benefits offered to the child.
  • Benefits usually offered are: Emergency Food as Needed, Medical and Dental Care, Educational Support, Family Assistance, Clothes, Shoes and More!
  • Have others done it? Look at testimonials!

What’s interesting is these benefits are not only extended to the child, but his or her family and community. A portion of the money will go to providing something beneficial to the entire community like garden training, disaster relief, or a new water well. They work with schools, temples, churches,  and other programs in the area to expand their reach. Ultimately, a ripple effect takes place. Through your child, you are impacting the family and community at the same time.

Some Organizations to Look At:

  • Children International
  • Save The Children
  • ChildFund International
  • World Vision

How to Sponsor A Child

Once you pick the right organization, it’s very simple. You can set up a direct deposit account and have the amount withdrawn from your account automatically. That’s what I’ve set up. It’s easy, simple, and convenient. An user account is also set up online where you can manage your payment options, view your sponsored child’s profile and progress reports, view contribution history, and much more at any given time.

How Long To Do It?

It’s an ongoing process. There is no deadline or cut off time. I am still sponsoring Bappa and hope to do so in the coming years as well. Currently, he is 13 years old. This definitely is a commitment, but it’s only $22 bucks from my wallet each month. Think about it. You probably spent $22 bucks just like that in one meal. It’s a reasonable investment and brings numerous benefits to the child and yourself.

Go Ahead And Try It!

Furthermore, I have his photo framed in my room and often my friends will notice and ask me who he is. They become really excited and want me to show his letters. In turn, I’m proud to say two of my friends have also gone on to sponsor children of their own through an organization.

I hope to one day meet Bappa. I hope this post helped you if you’re thinking about doing it! Happy Sponsoring a Child! 🙂

What is your biggest takeaway from this post? Please share with me in the comments!

* This blog post appeared originally on My Pure Intuition

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Making Smoothies Using My Magic Bullet Everyday – Divine Happiness!

I had decided to buy a Magic Bullet sometime in December. But I never really got around to it. My roommate has one and I would see her creating beautiful, yummy smoothies constantly.

Magic Bullet: Make Yummy, Delicious Smoothies

Magic Bullet: Make Yummy, Delicious Smoothies

And ever since I got my part-time position, I felt a strong desire to get a Magic Bullet so I can whip up some fresh smoothies for myself.

Follow My Happiness…

One of the main reasons I wanted to get this part-time position was so I could support myself financially while living in my apartment and also find time to lead a more balanced life. I wanted to be feel more at peace and happier.

January came and went. And when February came, I wondered why I hadn’t gotten the Magic Bullet. SO I marched offer to Target and bought one.

Creating Harmony and Life Balance

I made a raspberry and blueberry smoothie as soon as I came home. It was wonderful and tasty! My taste buds were having an orgasm 😉 I work four days out of the week and before heading to work, I made a smoothie. I had this bounce in my step and energy every morning. My days went a lot more smoothly and I felt I was nourishing my body and soul at the same time.

Owned My Desire

When you have desires like this, it’s important to honor them no matter how little they may seem. These tiny steps lead to giant changes in your transformation.

What is your biggest takeaway from this post? Please share with me in the comments!

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Volunteering at a Soup Kitchen-What Should You Expect?!

I volunteered at a Soup Kitchen. It was something lingering on my mind for a while, but I decided to just put aside the zillions of thoughts rumbling in my head and go for it.

Volunteering at a Soup Kitchen

Volunteering at a Soup Kitchen

Where Should I Find Soup Kitchens?

Do a quick Google search. I simply typed in Soup Kitchens in the Bay Area and voila dozens of soup kitchens popped onto the screen. I volunteered at Martha’s Kitchen and it was an amazing kitchen located in San Jose downtown.  Here’s the link to their website: http://www.marthas-kitchen.org/

Other ways to find some could be by searching in the Yellow Pages. Or ask your circle of friends and contacts!

I’ve found a Soup Kitchen! What Now? How do I Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen?

Look at their website. Chances are details are stated on exactly how to proceed. If not, there should be a contact page where you can either call or email a point of contact to find out details. I would suggest instead of simply dropping in to volunteer, find out how to do so in advance. Some Soup Kitchens are okay with drop-ins, but some may require you to notify them and fill out some kind of application form.

For Martha’s Kitchen, I printed out a simple application from the website, filled it out, and took it on the day I volunteered there. I had also emailed the point of contact to check if I could drop-in and so I dropped in one day with the application.

Most places will be open a few days a week and you can pick what days work for you best. The shifts are typically four to five hours long.

What Should I Expect Once I’m There?

Excellent question! Lots of things actually. When I first got in, I was introduced to a host of people who mainly managed and ran the Soup Kitchen. They, in turn, introduced me to other volunteers, some who had dropped in for the first time and others who came in on a weekly basis.

Before the Soup Kitchen could open, lots of preparation needed to be done. Me and the other volunteers helped in setting up the kitchen, by pouring soup and other food items into the appropriate bins and jugs. Once this was done and it was time for the Soup Kitchen to open and let people in, a few volunteers helped giving the food out. Another group poured juice and milk into cups circling the tables with loads of people eating their food.

I also stood at the entrance of the Soup Kitchen, holding a bottle of sanitizer and spraying in case anyone in the line of people entering wanted to use it. Some of them chose to use the restrooms instead to freshen up instead, but it was nice to greet each person entering the Soup Kitchen.

Another awesome thing? Once people finished their meals and were leaving the Soup Kitchen, a section at the entrance was devoted to an assortment of breads. Anyone could look at the selection of breads, pick a few, and leave the Soup Kitchen free of charge. I saw families be overwhelmed with joy at having to take home the bread for their families.

After the Soup Kitchen closed the shift, all the volunteers bundled together and pulled out brooms and mops to clean the entire kitchen.

Why Should I Do It?

It was a humbling experience! I came with preconceived notions on what kinds of people would come into the Soup Kitchen. But honestly, there were people of all shapes from all ethnic and economic backgrounds. Some were single men and women, families, teenagers, seniors. I was pleasantly surprised at how positive most of these people were and the smiles adorning their faces.

As I was welcoming people into the Soup Kitchen holding a bottle of sanitizer and even as they finished their meals and walked past me, every single person except maybe one person out of the hundred people that showed up that day were polite and thanked me.

Some even hung around for ten minutes to have a conversation with me, ranging across topics from music to politics. Ultimately, they were complete human beings with desires and interests, I saw them as having multiple dimensions to their personalities.

I even connected with the other volunteers and it was a wonderful experience. One guy worked for a hot shot finance company in San Francisco, yet he volunteered at the Soup Kitchen each week. So go ahead and set up a date and volunteer at a Soup Kitchen! Believe me, you won’t regret it.

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Too Busy? Make Time for Self Care and Nourishment

Feeling burnt out? Feeling exhausted? I am feeling pretty tired at this moment. I planned to do another item on my to-do list this week, but the truth is my body is humming with exhaustion.

Practice Self-Care

Practice Self-Care

The old me would’ve still kept pushing on. With sleepy eyes, I would have jumped and done the next task.

Start With Your Body

But jumping and doing something doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. When you feel this way, really listen to your body. What does it want?

Does it want to go outside and gaze at the sky? Do you want to sleep? Do you want to eat comfort food? Do you want to still your mind and meditate?

Simple Steps Make Lasting Changes

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then what are you waiting for? Go and do them! Your body’s response is a signal to you. To slow down. To let go. To recharge your batteries and become connected to your heart and soul.

All these things sound so simple. They sound too easy. Really, will I feel better? Will I become rejuvenated? Oh gosh, the answer is a big, big YES! Honor your body and heart’s desires.

Whenever You Feel Overwhelmed or Tired, Just Slow Down

Slow down and schedule time into your week and month consciously. The more you take care of yourself, the more you will be present in your relationship, workplace, and home!

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