My name is Priyanka Yadvendu and I’m an Intimacy & Dating Coach who supports women to create deep transformation in the areas of romantic love and money.

I am devoted to uncovering the why and how of creating richness and abundance in romantic love and money. Growing up, I wasn’t taught how to have a healthy romantic relationship and find my Beloved and how to love my money and that all the magic to create financial abundance is inside me.

How I came upon this as my calling has literally been by chance. Most things in my life have been good. I‘ve held good jobs and lived in good places, though the two areas in my life I struggled with the most has been love and money.  

Several years ago, I was in a relationship with a gentleman who was eighteen years older than me and we were together for four years.  It was my first relationship and after this relationship ended, it was not easy for me. This man was a huge part of my life. I was very young when I met him and I didn’t know what to do with my life as I relied on him a lot and he was a strong figure in my life.  I quit my job and moved out. I started all over again.

At that point in time, even my finances weren’t stable and I had credit card debt.  Although I was raised in an upper middle class family and grew up with engineers, doctors, and everybody I knew was in the tech field, I didn’t have a healthy relationship with my money.  I grew up with a lot of money to be quite honest and what I saw around me is that it is an illusion people make a lot of money because it also greatly depends on the relationship they share with their finances.

At this time, I started to help my parents financially after my father’s business wasn’t doing well and I experienced what it’s like to not have money either.  I put myself in credit card debt to help with our business and I just didn’t make a series of good financial decisions.

As my 30th birthday approached, I felt so much nervousness, anxiety, and sadness.  I got involved with another guy and I look back now and realized he did drugs and was an emotionally abusive person.  I was desperate by this time and needed to change. I asked God and the Universe for help. I was reading several life coach blogs at this time as I was navigating this big change in my life.  

And one of the coaches I came across was Susana Frioni.  She is the first coach I ever worked with.  I never knew what it was like to work with a coach.  My hands were shaking and still I decided to work with her because my soul literally gave me no choice.  

Working with her was the beginning of the beginning of this journey and that transformed my life.  I started to listen to my intuition and drop into my body and embrace my feminine eroticism and sexuality.  After this experience, I started to work on my finances because I needed to get out of my financial situation that I had created.

Something interesting happened.  I didn’t want to just go to a financial accountant or advisor and learn about numbers and logic.  I actually worked with a money coach to understand why I made the decisions I made. Working with her, I realized it was to keep small and connected to my self-worth and how I didn’t value myself.

As my finances got better, I received more attention from men.  My love life started to get better. I started to radiate from the inside out and become magnetic.  I became more connected to my sexuality and at peace with my finances as I understood the emotional reasons.  I did more research and reading and learned there is a connection between romantic love and money and what was happening to me was not a coincidence.  Sexual energy is life force energy which creates romantic love and money because the second chakra in our bodies is all about money, sex, and power and it is located around our reproductive organs and lower back.  By embodying my feminine energy and sexual aura, I was becoming magnetic to romantic love and money.

I feel I have conquered the money area of my life.  I have a very beautiful, healthy relationship with money.  I am currently in the midst of my own journey for finding my Beloved and receiving romantic love.  I am calling in that relationship.

I started to share this information and my journey with women in a workshop and it deeply resonated with them.  It surprised me greatly and later I realized they connected with it because it is my own personal journey.  When I was conducting workshops, I was trying to clear up my finances and invite prosperity into my life. I didn’t want to go to a financial advisor or accountant or learn about romantic love in a logical, rational, masculine way.  I facilitated my workshops in exactly the same way I wanted to learn to call in my Beloved and financial abundance: in a sensual, feminine, intuitive, and easeful way.

This is how I came upon my sacred work of helping women find their Beloved.  It has to do with me because these two areas have challenged me the most. I have spent many nights crying and it took me several years to learn and know what I know today.  I have educated myself through teachers, mentors, coaches, books, programs, courses, and most of all, my own experiences.

Since that workshop that started as a soft flutter in my heart, women have become engaged to the man of their dreams, are in happy, loving relationships, and moving forward to the next level after calling in their relationships.  They exude their own unique feminine magnetism and peeled the self-protective armor around their heart away to soften and express their vulnerability.  I am meant to do this work because of my own journey and I am deeply honored to support women in their deep transformation to find their Beloved.

Official Bio

Priyanka Yadvendu is a Love/Sex/Relationship and Money/Wealth Coach who weaves fiery feminine intuition and sensuality to create online courses, workshops, books, and films to allow women to connect to their Wildly Intimate Woman and create deep transformation in their financial and romantic areas of their life.

She integrates everything she has learned from her therapy, healing, coaching, and creativity.  She weaves all her insights she learned from her personal experiences and practical wisdom on feminine power, soft energy, sexuality, and seduction to empower women to express their feminine magnetism and own their darkness and shadows.