I am passionate about supporting women to be intimate with their own mind, body, heart, and soul so all of them can be in alignment to create the life of their dreams specifically in the realm of romantic love and financial empowerment and abundance.

I am passionate about this because I was so disconnected from my own emotions and body and soul and sexuality.  This reflected in my romantic love life and financial affairs, the two areas that I most wanted to deeply transform.  I worked on my mindset to create transformation and it certainly helped. However, I felt there was some magical key that I couldn’t unlock to create the deep shifts in romantic love and money easily and gracefully.  

Until I started learning about my own sexuality, erotic energy, seduction, soft power, feminine energy, and intuition. I realized how much shame and fear I was carrying around these parts of my life and the way to alchemize these fears and shame was through accessing my own pleasure and feminine erotic energy.

It has been the magical piece when integrated with mindset work that has created amazing, beautiful shifts and results.  More than the results, the process and journey has unfolded with more ease and peace and helped me to see where I haven’t valued myself.  It’s not a perfect journey and I’m still learning.

And I am honored to share all that I have learned through my education and experiences to help you create that deep transformation you’ve been searching for all your life in the areas of romantic love, seduction, financial empowerment, and creative bliss so you can live a life true to your own soul path and most of all, value yourself.  I teach all this in my courses here.

Loved, Cherished, & Adored Academy

A course program on unlocking deeper intimacy, communication, flow, magnetism, and love by healing your five emotional wounds & how to inspire deeper emotional commitment in men by connecting to your heart and harnessing your feminine powers

$111 USD

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