My calling and purpose in my life is to help women receive healthy passionate love and overflowing income easily and sensually.  I love working with every single client.  Here are the qualities that my perfect client possesses and what she should expect from me.


My perfect client possesses & demonstrates these qualities:

She is hungry for deep intimacy and true love in her life and creating financial abundance through her passion and calling.  She desires purpose in her life, and even though she doesn’t know how to receive the answers, she is open to learn how to receive the answers.

Her Heart Chakra and Root Chakra isn’t fully open, yet she is open enough to be able to receive help and support in the form of working with a coach.  She is looking to better herself, improve, and learn how to call in and receive healthy, passionate love and learn other relationship skills like communication, sexuality, dating, and more.  She also wants to sharpen how she calls in financial prosperity and large sums of money and learn other financial skills like healthy financial management, tracking, manifesting, etc.

She earns abundant income and has a relatively decent relationship with money and wants to expand her healthy relationship with money.  She understands the value of working with a coach and the value and support I bring to her through my coaching and work and happily and generously pays for my coaching/mentoring services and online courses.

She comes from a family with its own imperfections and may not have had healthy, romantic relationships modeled to her despite best efforts, though she is open to learning how to have a healthy, loving relationship with a quality man and draw her perfect partner to her.  She may have seen ups and downs in money and heard lack beliefs and things about money growing up in her family.  Hence, she may not feel worthy and deserving of receiving abundant money, however is open to learning how to transform her limiting beliefs around money and attract and manifest it easily.  She desires to keep and maintain money and overall develop a healthy, magical relationship with money that serves her desires and needs.


My perfect client expects this from me:

My perfect client expects that money and abundance flows to me freely as I do what I love and that I have a healthy, loving relationship with money.  She expects that I love my money deeply and save a portion of the money I earn as an act of self-love, healing, and self-care.  I take responsibility for my money and being financially secure so I can focus on having a thriving and vibrant health, happy personal life, and fulfilling career and life purpose.

I also happily donate sums of my money to charities and causes that align to my highest values.  She expects that I live my life on my own terms and express myself fully creatively, artistically, erotically, intuitively, and sexually.  She also sees that money comes to me easily when I live and express my soul’s truth and purpose of creating deep transformation in women’s lives through my creative, artistic, and healing work.

I am passionate about my creative and healing work and am constantly investing in myself in terms of education and learning, whether formal or informal.  I am constantly refining and perfecting my knowledge and craft in coaching and also have other intellectual and spiritual interests.  She expects that I am a balance of feminine and masculine energy and I easily take aligned, practical action and yet able to connect to my intuition and sensuality.  I am deeply sensual and proud of my erotic sexuality and enjoy the pleasures of life and my womanhood.

My perfect client expects that I have received my perfect partner and am in a healthy, loving relationship and or at the very least am dating in a healthy, mature, loving way.  My perfect client expects me to learn how to have the communication and other relationship skills required to have a healthy, loving, passionate relationship with my own perfect partner.  She expects me to be intellectual and driven and yet also light-hearted and fun and able to slow down, relax, and enjoy my own life.


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