My soul purpose is to support women to receive healthy passionate love and overflowing income and I can’t tell you how much my heart fills with happiness and joy to be able to do this.  I love sharing what I do and about my work, however you may have a serious and intense impression of me.  And while it is true I have those qualities in me, there is so much more to me…I am playful, girly, and fun!  I have an “airhead” side to me that my family and friends can attest to.  My feminine side is deeply romantic, expressive, and light-hearted.  And, dear reader, I want to share this side of me to you.

Here are five fun and playful things about me:

  • Red roses are my absolute favorite.  I keep a bouquet of red roses in a pretty vase in my home all the time.  I also like to be gifted red roses, too *hint hint*
  • Laughter is the way to my heart.  Tell me a joke and I am all yours 🙂
  • Chocolate Martini is my favorite cocktail.  I don’t drink them as much now, though I’d like to learn how to make one at home.
  • I love watching crime television shows.  Like obsessed.  CSI, Law & Order, Dexter, The Mentalist, etc.
  • My favorite actor is Gerard Butler.  I watch all of his movies in the movie theater when they release.  I tell you, it’s his eyes and leather jacket that does it for me.



We have so many spectrums to our feminine power and one of them is laughing at ourselves.  My biggest laughable “airhead” moment came:

  1. The Gamine in me gives me my childlike and screwball, dorky personality and ability to disarm with my humor and intrigue.  My first job after college was in finance.  Our whole team sat together on those long tables (yes, like it was in school).  My boss and my boss’s boss sat on that table, too.  The printer was directly across our table.  I walked to the printer in a zombie-like state because well, you gotta wake up way too early when you work in finance and I was super sleepy.  And then there was a LOUD *thud* sound.  I had fallen down right in front of the printer RIGHT in the presence of my BOSS and BOSS’S BOSS.  I walked back like nothing happened and everyone else acted like I hadn’t just fallen flat on my face totally.
  2. The Lover in me is deeply romantic and seductive.  I enjoy and love being in love.  I love tuning into my erotic sensual and seductive energy to seduce my man and money to me easily and in a way that is playful, fun, sensual, charismatic, and pleasurable.  I once made a jar filled with notes for 365 days of the year to a man with special moments and memories of us together.
  3. The Sensualist in me gives me the ability to be immensely sensual, spontaneous, and a giving lover.  I relish in pleasure and in the joy of taking care of others and being warm and affectionate towards my Love.  I love connecting to all my senses and incorporating them in my pleasure practices with myself and my partner.  I have a daily jade egg practice that allows me to connect to my sensual feminine energy.
  4. The Warrior in me gives me my inner fire and battle energy.  It has helped me to connect to my masculine energy and fight for what’s right.  It has given me the strength to rise above my circumstances to fulfill my soul purpose and support the meaningful causes that touch my heart.  I am learning so much every day on how to drop into my soul purpose and embody clear boundaries in my relationships and life.
  5. And lastly, the Queen in me gives me the ability to connect to my elegance and abundant nature.  I didn’t think I had this energy in me until I realized I did and it transformed my life.  I lead my life, relationships, and business with my inner abundant and graceful nature and expand my capacity to receive more pleasure and love financially and romantically.  I love connecting to this energy through my sex magick and Tantra practice.

I hope this gives a glimpse into the real Priyanka and you enjoyed learning more about me because I enjoyed sharing more about myself!

Lots of Love,

Priyanka Yadvendu