You are ready to call in healthy passionate love in a way that honors your masculine power and soul purpose.


You are ready for a loving, healthy, romantic relationship with the woman of your dreams.  You feel confusion and fear in navigating the dating scene and perhaps even some embarrassment and shame.  The truth is you deserve and are worthy of a beautiful deep intimate relationship with a woman who equally respects and loves you.  You must first become deeply connected to your own inner masculine magnetism and soul purpose and heal your wounds to call in love.

In this 3 month private mentoring program of your choosing,  I hold loving space for you to let go of limiting stories and beliefs to call in romantic love pleasurably.  I teach you how to navigate the world of dating and romance and teach you how to open your heart and your Beloved’s heart.

Throughout our time together, you will feel powerful and masculine, navigate the dating and romance world with flow while feeling divinely sexy and sovereign in your skin and manhood.  In other words, you UNLOCK your natural SEXINESS and MAGNETISM and show up in your full masculine power for your partner.





Here is how I will support you to receive your healthy passionate love easily and powerfully:

  • Let go of your past and old stories and embody your new story and manhood on a physical, emotional, mental, and sexual level.
  • Trust the process to unfold organically and yet do everything from your side to energetically “speed” or build momentum in this process.
  • Open your heart to become a clear channel to call in your Beloved who can meet you in her femininity, vulnerability, and strength.
  • Master your masculine sexual energy to open a woman sexually and emotionally and hold your own presence and sovereignty as a man.
  • Learn how to trust your soul’s inner guidance and intuition as you navigate the dating scene about who is your right woman/Beloved.
  • Learn how to communicate with yourself and your partner in and out of the bedroom.
  • Receive practical advice and guidance about dating and planning dates and how to move to the next stage with flow, how to invite romance into your life, and even talking about sex.
  • Cultivate a healthy relationship with your inner feminine to have healthy relationships with women and navigate feminine cycles and emotions.
  • Embody the different powerful shades of your masculinity from being sexy, romantic, soulful, handsome, to hot and express them all to her with confidence and vulnerability.
  • Create magic and divine miracles in your romantic love life by becoming tuned to who you are as a man.



My private clients work with me in a 4-month container where we see each other on a Zoom video call for 60 minutes across 12 sessions every week.  There will be a week of integration after every couple weeks of sessions.

The 4-month container is about consciously creating the romantic love relationship with your dream feminine woman and a rebirthing where you will learn more deeply about your masculine power and able to hold space for yourself and your dream feminine woman with conscious presence and honor your soul purpose.

Our sessions together will be a blend of practical how to’s, experiential learnings, self-inquiry explorations, energetic healings, and straight-up advice.  You will also have email support between sessions. During our time together, think of me as your wayshower, your personal guide, and counsel. I am there for you every step of the way, Masculine Man.

You will get:

  • 12 Zoom calls
  • 60 minutes each time with me
  • Follow-up notes in an email outlining your next steps




If this resonates with you, the first step is to complete this application.  Please introduce yourself and your current situation and what you’d love my help with the most by answering the questions.  I am the only person to read your application.  Anything you share will be kept confidential, whether we work together or not.  From here, we’ll jump on a 30-minute call to make sure we’re the right fit for each other.

Once you’ve submitted your application, I’ll respond personally as soon as possible (usually within 24-48 hours). If you haven’t heard from me, please don’t hesitate to reach out and check I did receive your application.

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