Chicken Soup for the Soul Friday – A Heartwarming Email

Happy Thursday! Here’s another Chicken Soup for the Soul Friday from my earlier blog for you to enjoy πŸ™‚

Send Warmth

Send Warmth

β€œI had dinner with a friend and towards the end of the evening, he started to get a little tense and just plunged into not an overall great mood. We started to talk about subjects deeply personal and close to our hearts. Soon, evening turned to night. He seemed to be in a lighter mood by then. I went home and snuggled into my bed. The next day, during the middle of a meeting, I received a heart-warming email, thanking me for listening and my support. I smiled and felt wonderful the whole day. I wrote back, thanking him for his support as well. We often do things for one another, family or friends, and though we know deep inside that the other person appreciates us, it’s nice to actually hear it. And made me realize something I should do more often as well.” – Priyanka

When you thank someone or show gratitude in general for your relationships and life, it creates positivity. You feel a renewed sense of hope.

And sometimes the best thing to do when you’re not in a good mood or good place in your life is to talk to someone and express yourself.

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