Dear Reader,

It is difficult to open my heart.  Because I don’t trust anyone easily.  I feel guarded and reserved.  I know what I have to offer to a masculine man. 

My definition of a masculine man is not just someone physically masculine and assertive, it also includes a man in touch with his softness, vulnerability, and emotions.  To me, this is a real man.  A man who takes ownership and responsibility for his actions and decisions and especially mistakes and can see someone else’s point of view in addition to his.

A real man is someone who doesn’t rely on manipulation and games to achieve his aims because when he is truly connected to his manhood deeply, there is no need.  Everything speaks for itself.  His actions speak for itself.  A man with the highest level of standards, integrity, and character for himself and the woman he chooses to be with.

I have so much to offer to my sexy, loving Beloved.  I don’t jump into anything impulsively, especially a relationship.  I like to take my sweet time and if he is the right man for me, then he shall wait for me 🙂  I have that much confidence in myself and I believe the courtship and seduction must happen elegantly and slowly so the process is filled with deep pleasure, sensuality, and joy.  Something precious is always worth waiting for, yes? 😉

I am becoming my truth and embodying the divine feminine so I can set us both free in our divine sensual encounters.  There is fire inside me.  All it takes is one touch and one look to set my body on fire.  But I keep that fire reserved for only the man who is worthy of it.  Until he does not prove to me he is a true man in every sense, I will cultivate my sensual fire deep in my body and keep it warm and burning.  Once the flood gates of my heart and body open, it is because you will have deserved it and are worthy of my sexual energy, love, affection, and attention.  You will have touched the deepest corners of my soul.

I have spent the time honoring what could have been and processing my shame around my sexuality.  Now I am ready to learn the intricacies of seduction and my sexuality.  I am exploring what touch feels good on my body and the gaze of the eyes and the movement of the body all plays a unified role in seduction.  I am now ready to express my my sexuality.  Express my wild woman.  I want to express who I am deep inside that I’ve kept hidden since childhood.  I know I am a Sex and Sensual Goddess since childhood because this is my portal to connect to the Universe and the Divine.

My walls…my guarded and reserved nature is to test you.  To see how far you can rise to become the man you are meant to be.  To become your highest form.  It is to see how far you are willing to reach deep inside your soul to reflect true manhood, character, and courage.  To face your wounds and weaknesses with bravery.  Because I won’t settle for anything else.  

I desire to open my heart and body to the right masculine man and I’m preparing to become a sensual Goddess to surrender to you.  Because when that time comes, I will be prepared.  I will know it is right.  I will know that I am ready.  When I open my heart, I open everything to you.  My bliss, pain, wildness, rage, joy, love…everything.

Lots of Love,

Priyanka Yadvendu