Novels inspire films to be made all the time. Have you seen The Hunger Games? Or P.S. I Love You? They were best-selling  novels before they were turned into films.

Celebrities Inspiring Novel Characters

A real man falls in love.

A real man falls in love.

But have you seen the other way around? In my novel, Enchanted Silence, Gerard Butler inspired the forty year old high school teacher Alan. I am a huge fan of Gerard Butler, I love watching his films. Though I will also be the first to admit not every film of his is great.

Masculinity is also about Emotional Depth

But one thing that shines through about him every time is his inherent charisma in every film and interview I watch. Yet despite being a huge Hollywood star, he possesses that larger than life persona, but also someone approachable, down to earth, and actually emotionally vulnerable. When I created Alan’s character, I wanted someone who would represent the epitome of masculinity like Gerard Butler. He has earthy brown hair and is over six feet tall like him, but there is a strong emotional, sensitive side you wouldn’t think otherwise.

Life’s Grayness is Inspiration

Whenever I have watched Gerard Butler’s interviews, when he speaks of his largely absent father who has now passed away, his eyes and face change. No matter where you go in life, certain emotions stay deep in you and don’t go away. I wanted that emotional depth in Alan as well. There is a reason, sometimes multiple, that motivates us to behave the way we do in real life. Not everything is black or white. Sometimes there is a whole lot of gray. And I wanted Alan to be that way.

How have you felt inspired in your life? Has any celebrity or novel character inspired you in any way? Please share in the comments.