Dear Reader,

As promised, I write a post every year that contains my reflections for the year that has just completed. February is soon coming to completion and March is here. I like to take the first two months of the year to feel the energy of the new year ahead. I personally don’t feel that as soon as the clock ticks midnight that we are automatically energetically in the New Year. It takes time energetically to step into the new year….new opportunities, experiences…

My guide words for 2018 were: ROMANTIC, EROTIC, MAGICAL, SEDUCTIVE, EASEFUL. I wanted the focus in 2018 to be on on my personal romantic love life and going deeper in my sexuality. I wanted to experience romance and wanted the year to be magical. I wanted to feel erotic and seductive in my sexuality and with a man.

However, the year unfolded in a very interesting and unexpected way. January and February felt like everything was moving along well and forward. And in March, suddenly, I found out something that hurt me deeply. I don’t want to go into detail because I’m a very private person, though I will share that this close female friend manipulated me and obtained personal information about me and my close relationship with someone deliberately to further her own personal agenda and motives. I could not believe it because I trusted this person greatly. I saw her as a trusted confidante and assumed she always wished well for me. I never saw her ulterior motives. Not only did we work together, we shared a genuine friendship.