Sensual Practices:  Make time for your pleasure, but go slow and deep when loving your body.  I like to take a feather and brush it against my skin and whole body and feel fully every stroke of the feather.  You may want to stop or become impatient, but stay with the practice.  Do it for at least five minutes and feel every emotion that arises.  This will help you to stay in the present moment and when you are anchored in the now, you will find synchronicity, guidance, and comfort flow to you that will help you to move forward with ease and flow.  It’s a simple, but powerful exercise.

Intuitive Practices:  Get a deck of tarot cards and do a reading for yourself is soothing and can provide you with guidance and simply support you to believe in the unseen and have faith that what is unfolding is for your higher good.  You can even go for a professional tarot card reading or energy healing to deeply support yourself during a transition.  Or open up a journal and write how you want to feel during this transition and what fears are arising and what self-care practices you will take on board for your well-being.

If this post resonated with you and you’d like to move to the next chapter of your life by honoring your past and navigating your current transition with ease and flow, please get in touch with me and schedule time with me to become more Wildly intimate with your desires and goals.  I’d love to hold space for your own deep transformation, dear Wildly Intimate Woman.