Dear Reader,

I’ve been writing and developing the content for my first digital online course titled: Invite and Receive Romantic Love & Money.  It is based off my first workshop that I held last year.  It was a 5-week workshop held in person at a hotel lounge.  I specifically wanted a luxurious environment for my workshop because this workshop is all about calling in the richness of your desires into your life financially and romantically.

Be Both Soft and Wild

Be Both Soft and Wild

Five women joined the workshop and I held an additional two rounds and I was amazed at the results.  I received messages after the workshop was completed and after several months had passed, on how they were in happy relationships and calling in the financial abundance they desired in their lives.  Most women came to my workshop to transform their romantic love life more than the financial parts, however went with a deep knowledge about how the two are actually intrinsically connected and how nurturing both areas allows both romantic love and financial abundance to blossom.

I went through a sexual awakening this year.  I went through therapy to face my past and clear fears I’ve been holding for some time.  Perhaps I am still going through part of my sexual awakening journey, all I do know is that I feel much better now.  I feel there is a flow in my journey now.  While going through this awakening this year, I focused on creating my digital online by working with a mentor.  Her name is Vienda Maria.  In case you’d like to know and work with her 😉  I highly recommend her private mentoring and online courses 🙂  I wanted to learn from her specifically because I take and love her digital online courses.

One of the reasons I decided to create this digital online course is to reach more women.  As I was going through my sexual awakening and undergoing therapy, I didn’t have the desire or energy to conduct workshops.  Something that I so passionately loved I didn’t have the energy or inclination do.  I realized that it’s normal to go through the peaks and valleys in life and if I had a digital online course created for this workshop at this stage of my life, it would have been easier to support women and at the same time support and nourish myself fully.

I am transforming as I create this course.  I am falling in love with myself.  I am healing myself.  I am using every ounce of my fiery feminine intuition and sensuality.  I am feeling connected to my soul.  I am feeling connected to my spiritual self.  I am learning how to move past my uncomfortable edges and own my sexuality and intuition.

I am learning how to see my own sexuality and intuition as my strengths.  In the male dominated and productive world we live, feminine qualities aren’t as valued.  Through my own experience and journey, I am seeing how my sensuality and intuition are the foundation of my feminine power.  And when I become stronger and more connected in my own sensuality and intuition, my manifesting powers become stronger.  I am able to live the life I desire.

Lots of Love,

Priyanka Yadvendu


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